Parrot DS1120 Review

Introduction and Design

There aren’t many speaker systems in the world that utilize a wireless Bluetooth connection in order to connect to a computer or a phone.  Parrot is one of the manufacturers that have brought a few models to market, including the Parrot Zikmu. Its design is a work of the famed Philippe Starck and is equal parts high end speaker system, iPod dock and living room decor,  and it supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Their latest, the DS1120, is more of a desktop system which can be connected via cable or via Bluetooth. 

In the box you’ll find:

  • Two AC adapters
  • Two speakers
  • User Manual
  • Two Software CDs
  • Bluetooth Adapter
  • Two 3.5mm cables


The speakers have an interesting shape and if you have a strong imagination you may take them for two singed piglets which stay on the sides of your monitor. The dimensions of a single speaker are 6.02 x 5.67 x 5.16 inches and its weight is almost 33.5 OZ.

The protective cover is on the front side. It’s attached only with a magnet and although firmly pressed close to the body, it can be easily removed and readjusted. Its purpose is both to decorate and to protect the single speaker inside, which is a 4” full-range one.

Both speakers have three equally arranged keys, which are situated on the right side. Regardless of which speaker you’re controlling, both of them react the in same way simultaneously. Since they utilize a capacitive technology there is no tactile feedback, but they are very sensitive and blink in order to indicate interaction.

The back side of a Parrot DS1120 speaker is also very simple. There are two connectors – Line In (3.5mm jack) and Power, used for connection to a power supply. The term wireless is a bit of a misnomer, since you have to place them near AC outlets, however both speakers are completely independent of each other.  For example, you can place them in two opposite ends of your room  and they will connect via Bluetooth. This is a nice feature, but we would have liked it more if they were truly wireless.

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