PNY PowerPack L8000 Review

Portable battery chargers are nothing new. From the smaller capacity ones in the 2000 mAh range, to beefier offerings well into the 10,000 mAh range, there are plenty of options to select from in the space. Obviously, the higher capacity battery chargers tend to be heftier in size, but keeping a svelte package is something that the PNY PowerPack L8000 is aiming to achieve.

Okay, there’s nothing too drastic with the design of the PNY PowerPack L8000 – it just looks like any battery charger on the market. Sometimes, though, we mistake it for a smartphone because of its hard leather-like feel and the stitching pattern that hugs the outside of the battery charger. However, what’s really remarkable is how they’re able to keeps its construction on the skinny size – so it’s not hefty at all, making it perfect for travel.

Taking a peek around the unit, the only distinguishable things we can make out are the tiny sized four LEDs on its front and the various ports found on its one side. Specifically, it features 2 full-sized USB ports to give us the convenience of charging two devices simultaneously. One of them is a 1 Amp port, the other being a faster charging 2.1 Amp one – while a microUSB port used to charge its own internal 8000 mAh battery is found nearby.

Although it’s not the highest capacity battery pack we’ve come across, it’s still on the upper range with its 8000 mAh battery. With that, we’re able to charge most of today’s flagship smartphones twice before the L8000 is completely tapped out. Needless to say, that’s something of a benefit when we’re on the road and getting access to an outlet is not an option. Throw in the fact that it’s also compact in size, it’s a perfect companion that won’t burden us on our travels.

Normally sporting a retail price of $49.99 through PNY’s website, it’s currently on sale for the hard-to-beat price of $29.99. That’s pretty aggressive when you think about what you get with the PNY PowerPack L8000, a portable charger with 2 USB ports and a generous 8000 mAh battery. Comparable models can easily be fetched higher than $50, so it’s a comforting realization that this thing is competitively priced.


  • $29.99 price is pretty aggressive
  • 8000 mAh battery capacity
  • Svelte construction

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