Monster Mobile PowerCard Turbo Portable Battery Review

Monster is known most for its vast and expansive line of audio-related accessories; such as its premium audio cables and headphones. Strangely enough, they're also in the business of making portable battery chargers as well. One of them in particular, the Monster Mobile PowerCard Turbo Portable Battery, is a compact solution that won't occupy too much room during your travels.

Right off the bat, its flashy looking design catches our attention. Sure, its miniscule size is something we like as well, but it's the shimmering pattern that's most profound here. However, its overall design language doesn't deviate much from the aesthetics we find in other portable battery chargers – that's because it's sporting a hard-lined rectangular shape.

No Waiting Technology,” it provides all the power needed to start juicing our connected device. In fact, its auto sensing technology detects exactly what speed our device requires and delivers the necessary speed to efficiently charge it.

Testing it out with a Samsung


  • Compact size makes it easy for travel
  • Flashy looking design


  • Battery capacity is a bit small
  • Price is a bit steep for its capacity

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1. Donbenie

Posts: 259; Member since: Aug 04, 2013

For that price you can get a much larger capacity Anker product..

2. g2a5b0e unregistered

Yup. They even mention that in the review.

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