Nokia C3 Review

Nokia C3 Review
This is a global GSM phone, it can be used with AT&T and T-Mobile USA.


One of the features Nokia touts for its Cseries line is “messaging for the masses”. The Finnish company made a name for itself with the excellent thumbboard devices from the Eseries, providing a Symbian alternative for fans of the BlackBerry form factor. The Nokia C3 is its first QWERTY messenger to be powered by Series 40 - still the most widespread mobile platform in the world.

On top of that, it provides great alternative to the ever more popular homescreen widgets by allowing you access to social networking directly from the home screen. Easy SNS access usually implies that the phone is targeting the younger crowd, and so it should come in some flashy colors, and at a bargain basement price. The Nokia C3 check-marks all these, but let's see if it manages to succeed in the details...

What's in the box

  • Nokia C3
  • Manual
  • Charger
  • Headset with microphone
  • 2GB microSD card


We got the Slate Grey version, which has more of a bluish hue, and looks stylish nonetheless. There are also the Hot Pink and Golden White color variants of the Nokia C3, and all have metallic finish at the front. The back, where we have the 2MP camera, has a two-colored design. There is an aluminum battery cover in the middle with the front panel color without the metallic finish, and the rest is black plastic, including the sides.

You can compare the Nokia C3 with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

On the left hand side are the microUSB and microSD slots, the top houses the charging port and the 3.5 audio jack and that's all. The only other elements are two small buttons down at both sides that help you easily eject the battery cover.

The regular 2.4” LCD screen with QVGA resolution doesn’t have any touch layers over or under it, and it remains pretty visible under direct sunlight. Right underneath it are the two programmable soft keys, followed by two chrome-like action keys, and finishing down with the send and end buttons. The action keys on both sides of the square D-Pad complement nicely its chrome-like rim, and can be assigned to different tasks. Out of the box the one on the left of the D-Pad starts the Communities app, and the one on the right fires up Messaging, but you can assign different actions to them, which makes the default labeling next to them redundant.

The Nokia C3 thumbboard is where the added value comes from, and it has the same four row layout and roughly the same keys as the E-series keyboards, but is slightly curved downwards and thus more comfortable to type. The handset is very compact, almost too much so, so we were worried we would be often mistyping with our sausage digits. Much to our surprise, though, we kept pressing the correct convex key among the bunch of other keys around, and typing soon sped up significantly.  The keyboard is backlit in white like the rest of the physical buttons in the front, with the exception of the ubiquitous green and red for answering and closing a call.

The overall design reminds very much of the smallest Eseries phones from Nokia, which gives it a classy more expensive look; the metal plate over the battery is a thoughtful touch as well. Nokia has gone so far as to even skin the interface to look like the ones on the Eseries devices, so you can easily fool everyone around that you are typing away on a business-class smartphone.

Nokia C3 360 Degrees View:



1. kenosando unregistered

Thanks for the review! I have been looking for a new phone for my wife with a full keyboard, and with the S40 interface, she will definitely get great use out of it.

2. Dojob unregistered

Why since the first time Nokia introduce the first Nokia E61, the reviewer always says the Nokia QWERTY phone is a "Blackberry like phone". Is it because is it Nokia???? Why don't the reviewer don't classified the Motorola Q and Samsung Black Jack as a Blackberry like phone....

3. gild unregistered

I just can't accept the fact that wave got 7.5 like the one this phone got. Obnoxious review as usual.

4. gridlock

Posts: 31; Member since: Jun 10, 2010

they rate for the respective class the phone is in - the wave costs $400, and this one $150, can't compare directly...

5. Johnny Tapa unregistered

I'm agree wit you, Gridlock it's a different class of phone. Not fair comperation ( Samsung Wave vs Nokia C6), (Expensive Smartphone vs Cheap Cellphone), (Super AMOLED vs TFT LCD) & (Touch Screen vs QWERTY keyboard)

16. Nouman unregistered

i think you did not view his complete specifications and update prices. i would suggest you just take a look here and i hope your point will be change for this smart cell phone.

6. dark unregistered

i got my nokia c3-00 this morning , the wifi is OK, but im planning to return the unit tomorrow because i can't watch youtube on this phone. I search for solutions over the internet, but most of the customers who got thesame unit have the same problem running the youtube. and they've have no solutions to it. I hope you can find solutions for this. Thanks a lot!!!

8. finder unregistered

can any one tell whether this phone is having problem like it hangs a lot cannot read memory plsssssssss help

9. Rajeev unregistered

The only USP for this phone was wifi, Which does not work. The Nokia support is clue less about it and not able to provide any solution. I am using it as normal Rs 3000 worth phone and feeling like get cheated. Rajeev

10. petras unregistered

can u tell me is it symbian or java?

11. PN unregistered

I am v keen on buying N C3. Can some1 pls gv me a proper feedback on the phone............. N hw much it cost u............. Camera n 3G s nt an issue fr me............ pls help........

12. Luthando unregistered

bought a c3 for my mother and after a week she complaind about the speak phone, it goes on and off and she has never touch or changed any settings on it.

13. CHRISTMAS IN 3 DAYS! unregistered

I really want this phone....

14. got1likethat

Posts: 4; Member since: Jan 07, 2011

My Dad bought me a phone like this 6-7 months ago but he's out of town right now and I haven't receive my phone yet...hope that this phone is better than my previous phone.I already love this phone even my father still have it...Thanks for the review...

15. Ash unregistered

Pls tell me, is that what u call a music player, on the Nokia C3??? The Call Log is absolutely rubbish, y dont they learn anything from Samsung??? Doesn't even have proper themes, n you say that this phone is targeted at the youth?? Just looks like Eseries stuff, works nothing more than a C1!!! Very dull user interface, not expected at all from Nokia!!!!

17. gwapogi unregistered

As far as the price range is concerned, Samsung Corby II is the closest with Nokia C3, and just for you to be be informed, your Samsung Phone got a rating of 4 as compare to 7.5 of Nokia C3. Isn't it a great gap ? Better keep your mouth shut and let numbers speak for you. :)

18. unregistered

NOKIA C3-00, it is getting turned off suddenly, i took the phone to Nokia care in bangalore but they told they can not repair it. I purchased the phone 2 months back from UNIVERCELL (near Big Bazaar, Kathriguppe, BSK 3rd Stage) but when i first opened the phone for changing the SIM card, the cheap cover fallen down, and from then it is getting switched odd frequently. NOKIA, please give us good material or else no end customer will purchase your product. NOKIA phones are having manufacturing problems.

19. RahatShaheen unregistered

This phone is very very very very very very popular between Arab Country! i am gonna buy one tommorow!

20. Sonia unregistered

i think you did not view his complete specifications and update prices. i would suggest you just take a look here and i hope your point will be change for this smart cell phone.
  • Display 2.4" 320 x 240 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Storage 0.055 GB + microSDHC
  • Battery 1320 mAh(7.00h talk time)

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