Nokia 6750 Mural Review

Introduction and Design

Sure we all know that Nokia's presence has been lacking in the US mobile phone market, but they've been more proactive in grabbing a portion of the pie of late. We might not see as many high-end smartphones that the manufacturer is known to dish out elsewhere around the world, but we've been more fortunate of late seeing their name across AT&T's lineup. With its specific form, the Nokia 6750 Mural closely resembles the Nokia 6650. It might not be good for painting extravagant murals , but it sure does target the style-conscious user with its polished look and hidden external display. Although lacking the smartphone components found on the 6650, the Mural is lined up to be a more simplified device to hopefully make it a pickup and go handset for customers.

The package contains:
•    Nokia 6750 Mural
•    Charger
•    Users Manual
•    Quick Start Guide


There's just something about a phone that resonates a fashionable appeal with a uniform shiny look all around – the Mural can almost be mistaken as a mirror. When it's closed shut and not powered, the chrome like material reflects light at every angle and graces it with a shiny aura. There's even a nice glow emitted by the phone whenever someone is calling. Although the material is uniform all around the phone and exudes quality construction, it's prone to both smudges and scratches. After playing around with the phone for 10 minutes, we just noticed how much it's a magnet for fingerprints. In addition, there were some minor scratches on the chrome body after a good day of lugging it around in our pockets. It's not heavy at all (3.9 oz) and average sized; snug enough to hold in the hand and pockets. Even though we're confident this will withstand some of the daily wear and tear, dropping it will cause some serious scratching and denting. Nokia managed to design one great looking phone with the Mural that definitely will turn heads when you use it.

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When you flip open the Mural, you'll be greeted to its 2.2” LCD screen which boasts a resolution of 240x320 pixels with support for 16 million colors. Granted that it's more than adequate for viewing text and pictures, the outdated looking menu interface pulls down the overall quality. On the other hand, the external 128 x 160 pixel OLED screen discretely mixes into the chrome material and comes to life with an elegant glow thanks to the various colored lights.  It simply provides a cosmetic wonder with your choice of six colors. The  bottom portion of the phone also gets beautifully illuminated. For the most part viewing it in direct sunlight didn't pose too much of an issue unless it was held at an extreme angle.

Underneath the external display are the music playback controls for reverse, pause/play, and forward which we found to be well sized and tactile. You necessarily don't need to go into the menus to play a song – all the functions can be performed directly from the external controls. Flipping the phone open will set your eyes on the well-sized keypad of the Nokia Mural. Every nook and cranny of the surface is used for the keypad with a few of the keys being used for dedicated functions  – camera, web browser, and media player. All the buttons on the keypad are flush, tactile, and evenly sized with the navigational pad large enough for just about anyone to use. Our only gripe with it is the dim backlighting on the keys – making it difficult to see in dark lighting conditions. The left side of the phone has the 2.5mm headset jack, push-to-talk button, and volume rocker – the latter being somewhat difficult to press due to a lack of separation between the volume up and down keys. The only item you'll see on the right edge is the microUSB port, hidden behind a flap, and used for charging and connecting the phone to a computer. The speaker phone is located solely on the bottom of the handset and covers every area of it. Turning it over to its back will reveal the 2-megapixel camera by itself with no flash or self-portrait mirror. Removing the sturdy metallic back cover will expose the battery, SIM card slot, and microSD slot.

Nokia 6750 Mural 360 Degrees View:

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