Nextlink Special Edition #1 BlueSpoon 5G review


Nextlink's Special edition #1 Bluespoon 5G with diamonds arrives! World's smallest Bluetooth headset at 5 grams – Mission Invisible for the bleeding edge is accomplished.



That's Right!! Lars Stenfeldt CEO of NextLink has presented me with the very first Serial Number #1 BlueSpoon 5G Headset with an added surprise - Diamonds!



Jon Magnussen the Senior Engineer in charge of development and assembly of the 5G Headsets has completed 10 of the very first 5G Headsets. At this time, however, there is still not enough batteries and chargers for the original 10 units with only half as many batteries and chargers being available. The units also do not benefit from the final casing, which has yet to be delivered by the sub-contractor. These final casing will allow a much easier and secure replacement of the battery and battery housing cover. The current all night charger and batteries will be replaced in a few weeks with faster 90 minute chargers and better more powerful batteries. Finally, the "plungers" for the volume and headset controls will be black on the production models as opposed to the reddish brown of my #1.


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