Motorola H605 Review

Introduction and Design

Motorola is a company that has a long tradition of producing mobile phones and a variety of accessories for them. That's why, there is no way we can miss to introduce you to their first model with behind-the-ear design, which was presented in 2006 - the Motorola H605. The headsets of this type are quite rarely present in the product catalogs of the accessory manufacturers and it will be interesting for us to see what has Motorola crafted.

The device comes in an oval transparent box that is specially designed to draw your attention even from a distance.

In the box you can find:
- Motorola Bluetooth Headset H605
- Motorola Charger
- User guide


The hands-freedevice is colored black in combination with several silverytints that outline certain details on it. For comfortable extendedwear, the designers made the inner part of the headset of a soft blackleatherlike material.

There are 3 control buttonslocated on the upper part of the outside curve of the headset. Theystand out with a mirror-like silvery color and they are designed to be felt by touch. Unfortunately, we think that theyare not placed at the best possible location and that makes them rather unhandy. The Volume Up/Down keys are located too close to each other and it is difficult to distinguish one from the other. The multifunctional button (call key), which being located further down the outsidecurve of the device is larger,is the easiest one to use.

The mini USB connectoris located in the lower part of the device and is used for charging.The connector is protected by a soft rubber cover, which is a goodidea, but after being charged several times, the rubber cover loosenedand after that remains partially opened. To charge the device you caneither use a standard mini USBcable to charge it from your PC or the cable provided in the box. On both sides of the headset, right above the connector , the letter “M”(the logo of Motorola) is placed and is easy to distinguish because of its light silver color.

The microphone is located at the bottom end of the device and the LED indicatoris placed right beside it. The LED indicator remains invisible underthe mirrored coating until the device is activated. The current operational mode of the headset is indicated by specific blue lights.

The headset adjustable speaker swivels and pivots and you can wear the headset on either ear. Besides that it can tilt to fit to the ear of the user.



The device can be connected following the standard procedure. To activate the pairing mode, when the device inactive, press and hold down the call button until the LED indicator lights up in blue. When the headset is connected with the phone, you will be prompted for the code, which is the usual “0000”.

There are lots of possibilities to manage your calls from the headset and this is done by pressing different combinations of the control buttons. You are able to even decide if to disable/enable the light indicator and it is a good option in case the light annoys you or you just do not want to attract attention. You can find the full and detailed description of all combinations in a nicely done table in the User guide.


During a call the sound volume in the headset is very loud, so you will not have problems when you talk in a noisy environment. The sound quality is average and there is an audible background noise. The voices are sharp and a little synthetic/metallic. When you answer a phone call, there is a beep after which you can start talking.

The situation on the other side of the phone line is worse. The sound volume is average, which may be a problem in a little noisier environment. The voices are hollow with some snuffle. They sound monotonous and sometimes they are unclear and unintelligible.

According to the official specifications, the device should stand up to 10 hours of talk time and up to 200 hours of standby time. Much to our surprise, after being tested the headset achieved results better than the officially declared specifications. The device stood up to 10 hours and 30 minutes talk time and the sound volume was on maximum, which is 30 minutes more than the expected.This is a very good result and is traditional for the most of the Motorola models (H350, H500 and others).

We tested the signal strength of the device to check the distance from the phone to the headset, where the quality of the connection stays unchanged and H605 achieved 32 meters. Really, this is a very good result and keep in mind that there are only a few other models that can achieve similar result, such as Nokia models BH600 and BH701.

In case you wonder what the device “says”, Motorola has taken care and you can find detailed description of the meanings of all lights, indications and sounds in the User guide of the device.



Attaching the device is a difficult task. The company has explained clearly with pictures the easiest way to do this. Go through the explanations in the User guide and after several attempts you will get used to it and it will be even easier for you to attach the device with one hand. After attaching the headset, it is necessary to adjust the speaker so that it points towards the entrance of your auditory canal. This is one of the conditions in order for you to hear better the interlocutor.

The attaching is very stable thanks to the specific behind-the-ear design. Even when you make abrupt movements with your head the device will not fall down from your ear.

The headset weighs 19 grams, which is the average weight for devices with this kind of design and it is large compared to its rivals. Nevertheless, you will not feel its weight or any discomfort even after 2-3 hours of use. All points of contact with the ear are made of soft materials which ensures the comfort during extended wear.


We could say that, Motorola has coped really well with the behind-the-ear headset design at its first attempt. The device attaches firmly and you feel comfortable wearing it even even after extended periods of time. The headset enables you to control lots of functions and this together with the long talk time, is a good combination for people who need to make lots of phone calls daily.

We are convinced the capabilities of Motorola H605 will attract the attention of lots of customers. The device is suitable for both ladies and gentlemen.


  • Comfortable even after extended wear
  • Long talk time
  • Stable attaching mechanism
  • Good signal strength


  • It is difficult to get used to the attaching mechanism
  • After charging first several times the USB rubber cover loosened
  • The buttons could have been located in a better place

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