Motorola E680 review - Linux phone


Been putting Motorola's new e680 MultiMedia Phone through its paces for the last 3 weeks. Seems Motorola is just coming out with more and more POWERFUL & interesting new phones and convergence devices. The e680 is my first experience with the Linux Operating System, an advanced OS similar to the Symbian UIQ and Pocket PC operating systems used by Motorola in other devices as well. While the e680 is very similar in design and appearance to the P800/900 series by Sony/Ericsson, it offers a distinct character and personality all its own when compared the Symbian UIQ devices. In comparing this OS to the Symbian UIQ and Pocket PC convergence devices, I would have to rate its robustness somewhere in between. While I found it to be a more powerful OS than the current Symbian is still not as powerful as the Pocket PC OS in my opinion. It also lacks in the available software department when compared to both Symbian and Pocket PC, but if this OS catches on.....applications are sure to be developed at a rapid pace.

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