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The majority of folks know Motorola as one of the world’s premier smartphone makers, but most people forget that they’ve been in the audio headset business for an extremely long time. Along with the third-generation Moto G, the company announced a couple of budget-priced headphones during its announcement last week – the Moto Surround and Moto Pulse. The latter is what we’re going to be talking about in detail in this review. Boasting an easy to buy price of $59.99, the Moto Pulse is pretty light on the pockets, but let’s hope it’s not light in everything else.

Packaging contains:

  • Moto Pulse
  • microUSB cable
  • Safe, smart, protected guide
  • Read me first guide


Unlike the Moto Surround, which sports an around-the-neck design, the Moto Pulse instead goes after the on-the-ear style. Frankly, the model is bland and cheap looking, which is further made profound picking them up in our hands. Sure, it’s lightweight and offers a tight fit when it’s worn, so it stays firmly with vigorous activity, but there’s just that cheap attachment due to its flimsy construction – there’s just no solid or stylish qualities to its design.

Indeed, the boring design is forgettable, but it doesn’t help either that there’s minimal padding throughout it. For example, the headband is lined with barely any cushioning to it whatsoever – while the ear cups are treated to a marginal amount. And it really annoys us how we’re never satisfied by how they sit over our ear! You’d think that the rotating and adjustable height of the ear cups would offer a supple fit, but that’s hardly the case, as there’s no solid locking mechanism to prevent the ear cups from moving on their own. It’s maddening we tell you, especially when it can randomly plop off!

All of the headphones’ buttons and ports are situated along the right ear cup, so they include the power button, volume controls, multi-function button, LED status light, and microUSB port. Although the power button and multi-function buttons are relatively easy to feel out with our finger, we sometimes find ourselves having difficulty in finagling with the volume controls – they’re just not raised enough!

Overall, the Moto Pulse sports one of the blandest designs we’ve come across in recent memory when it comes to on-the-ear styled headphones. And it doesn’t help either that it exudes that cheapo feel with its construction too!

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