Lepow Modre Review

We’ve seen and checked out our fair share of cheap portable Bluetooth speakers. Trust us folks, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to sniff out those, you know, cheapo speakers that perform poorly and have bland looking designs. Arousing our interest due to its super affordable price point of $35, the Lepow Modre Bluetooth Speaker is seeking to be the prime choice for those on a serious budget, but without being too cheapish in nature to warrant that forgettable status.

Most budget-friendly Bluetooth speakers don’t do a darn thing with their designs, and in fact, the majority of them are pretty bland and generic as they come. Thankfully, Lepow’s offering is surely something pleasing to the eyes, as the Modre speaker has a colorful and interesting design. Modeled after an elephant’s trunk, the Lepow Modre isn’t your typical looking boxy speaker – one that’s accentuated by its bright color and sturdy construction. It might not be in the shape of the sharp pointed end of an elephant’s trunk, but nevertheless, the sliced angled cut on its cylindrical frame is a distinct departure we appreciate.

Toward the top end of the Lepow Modre, its plastic grill covers its internal speaker, which churns out a total of 3W of power. On the underside of the unit, there’s a simple power switch to turn it on/off at a moment’s notice. Finally, the outside portion of the base houses a built-in microphone, microUSB port for charging, LEDs to indicate its charge and connectivity status, and an auxiliary port. Pairing it is a breeze, naturally, since turning it on for the first time places it into pairing mode.

For its size and all, don’t be fooled by the kind of audio power it’s able to achieve! No matter what volume level we place it at, bass is something that’s profoundly enforced – so it resonates even at the loudest setting. Heck, the speaker actually dances and moves due to the immense amount of bass being resonated from the unit! Unfortunately, the speaker begins to crackle when it’s cranked all the way up, drowning out mids and highs, but lows continue to have emphasis. Rated to provide 7 hours of play back, we're able to get a little over 5 hours from a full charge.

Even though we’re not totally smitten by its audio quality, it’s still nonetheless generally pleasing enough for our ears to tolerate. In fact, it’s one of those kinds of speakers that complement your work desk/cubicle – powerful enough for you to hear, but not overpowering to bother nearby neighbors. At the end of the day, its $35 retail cost is something that’s easy on any budget, but you can even snag it for less at $25 through Amazon right now. Bearing that in mind, it definitely sprinkles a fair amount of value to the speaker.


  • Inexpensive cost
  • Strong bass output
  • Different kind of design that comes off interesting


  • Crackling at the loudest volume setting
  • Mid and highs tend to drown out

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