LG VX8350 Review

LG VX8350 Review

In June of 2006, Verizon introduced the LG VX8300. At that time the phone was an immediate success, since it replaced the not-so-popular (or reliable) VX8100, which came out the previous year. Since then, the VX8300 has remained the core LG phone; symbolizing good call quality, durability, and reliability at a modest price. Now, over a year later, the newest model has been released, the LG VX8350.

The VX8350 has been designed to be more modern and up-to-date. This includes an Internal Antenna, 4GB MicroSD card support, and a more streamlined appearance. Several features have remained the same, such as the 1.3MP Camera, Internal Display, Front Music Buttons, and Stereo Speakers. The VX8350, just like it predecessor, it targeted to consumers looking for a mid-level phone without spending a lot of money.

The Retail Package includes the LG VX8350 Phone, 1000mAh Battery, Wall Charger, and User Manual.


As we previouslystated, the most noticeable changes on the VX8350 are with the physicaldesign. Gone is the 1” stub antenna that was atop the VX8300, the frontMusic Buttons are now separate from the external display, and theside-firing Stereo Speakers have been moved to the back. The VX8350 isstill made of out plastic, but when holding the phone, it feels verycheap and “toy like”. We believe this is due to the plastic having alower quality feel to it and the phone having less weight, whencompared to the VX8300.

Model Dimension(Inches) Dimension (mm) Weight (oz) Weight (Gramms)
LG VX8350 3.73" x 1.97" x 0.87"95 x 50 x 223.30 93
LGVX8300 3.58" x 1.93" x 0.92"91 x 49 x 23.5 3.88110
LG VX8550 Chocolate3.85" x 1.87" x 0.67" 98 x 47.5 x17 3.24 92
MotorolaRAZR2 V9m 4.05" x 2.08" x 0.46"103 x 53 x 11.9 4.12117

The love-it-or-hate-it OLED External Display hasbeen replaced with a standard 262K Color TFT Display; yet the sizeremains 96x96 pixels. As for the Internal Display, it is still the same176x220 Pixel 262K Color TFT. It would have been nice if a higherquality QVGA Display was used, since this is becoming a standardfeature on most phones, and would make viewing when outsideeasier.

When opening the flip, the hinge movedsmoothly without any creaking noises. Yet we did notice that once itwere open, you could continue to push the flip further back, causingthe hinge to flex. Also, while on several test calls, with the flip upto our ear, we could move the bottom keypad closer to our face, thuscausing pressure to build in the hinge and causing it to flex. TheVX8300 suffers from this slightly, but nowhere near to the extent aspresent on the VX8350. Because of this, we are unsure as to how wellthe hinge will hold up to everyday use over a period oftime.

The Keypad has been slightly altered, with thenumeric buttons being closer together, yet the buttons remain samesize. We found this a change allowed for much easier dialing and textmessaging. The only problem we encountered with the new keypad was thatwe occasionally pressed the Clear button by mistake, when our intentionwas to press the Down Button on the 5-way Navigational D-Pad. This isbecause those two buttons have no plastic separatingthem.

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1. lee unregistered

I went straight to the 8350 from an 8300, and I have to say I completely disagree with the review. Not only do I not experience the crackling or 'static' that the reviewer mentions, but the sound quality through the earpiece has actually been better and louder than the 8300's. Additionally, the speakerphone on the 8350 is much better than the 8300's- the 8300's would get very buzzy at anything above medium volume, while the 8350's stays clean even at high volume. The only area where the 8300 is better is battery life, really, and not by all that much. I'm happy with the 8350, and wouldn't go back to the 8300.

15. Keith C. unregistered

Perhaps they made a mid model tune up due to some of the early complaints. The 8350 I bought last week sounds much better than the 8300. The ear piece sounds cleaner....there is none of that buzz at the higher volume levels that plagued the 8300. My version is loud and clear. People on the other end like the way I sound. They like the way I sound more than the Motorola W385, W755, Q9m, Blackberry 8330, 8130 Pearl, Palm Centro (that was a toss up), LG enV2 and Samsung U550. These conclusions were reached while I was talking from the verizon store to a friend on a nextel network and a lot of these comments involve simple preference. There is no argument against preference. I am not saying the other phones sounded bad (although a couple of them actually did) I am saying she liked the way mine sounded better. She has a very nice phone by the way. Best I have ever heard. So anyway my experience is quite contrary to the reviewers which leads me to suspect that my 8350 might be second generation....any way to open it up and tell? The inside does say hardware revision 1.1 What does that mean? As to the RF sensitivity issue, we live in a deep fringe area ..right on the edge. So much on the edge that if you even touch the antenna on some of our other phones the call is dropped. In the Verizon network the only phone that we have owned that has reliably worked out there is the Motorola E-815. It could just squeeze by. This particular sample of 8350 is very good in the area of RF sensitivity. It is not outstanding...not even great. But it is pretty good. Just my two cents.

31. bcaster1

Posts: 1; Member since: Jan 04, 2010

I also completely disagree with the review. This can be considered a long term review of the VX8350. I have owned the phone for 20 months now, and I have to say, it has performed flawlessly. All the issues people seem to have with the supposedly faulty hinge never happened to me. The phone has been dropped numerous times over the last 2 years and has always worked without issue. The charging port (I too lost the little dust cover) has never presented any problems and works with both my AC charger at home and my car charger on the road. Battery life has been better than advertised, I usually get about 7-8 days of standby and 4-5 hours of talk even now with 20 months on the battery. Oh, and for all the whiners that complain it is too hard to open, here's a handy guide: Step 1: Hold the phone in your right hand. Step 2: Use your right middle or ring finger to flip open the phone. Step 3: Quit complaining about about things just to fit in with the pack and go take a dexterity class.Basic hand eye coordination folks, it's not that difficult. Voice quality has been great, and this phone does NOT drop calls like some others have mentioned. Most of the time I have 1 or 2 bars near where I live, but even with 1 bar the call completes without drops. Music quality is ok, but about what you would expect from 2 tiny phone speakers. Speaker volume is great, especially when using VZ Navigator. The only complaint I do have is the inability to lock the side buttons. When wearing it on my belt, I have noticed several occasions where the camera will start itself up and take pictures of darkness while still in the holster due to the buttons being pushed inadvertently. This being the only complaint, however, I can live with it. The pros definately outweigh the cons. I know no one is buying this phone anymore but I just wanted to set the record straight. Great phone at a great price.

32. partsman_ba unregistered

Wow. "Supposedly" faulty hinge? Just wait, yours will break soon. I've had 3 of these phones - my original that I bought new and two that I picked up on eBay so I wouldn't have to pay $9.99 for data I won't use. All of them now have a broken right hinge. It's because that's where the spring is for snapping it open and shut, and they didn't put enough plastic around it. Doesn't affect the (awesome) operation of the phone other than having to be careful opening and closing the clamshell. Have a look at the 8360's hinge area and you'll see that they really beefed it up in response to the problem.

2. unregistered

Try and re-read the review. "Lastly, the earpiece volume on the VX8350 was also not as loud as on the VX8300. One positive thing that we did like was that the Speakerphone on the VX8350 did not suffer from the large amount of distortion that is created when using the Speakerphone on the VX8300."

3. Jon unregistered

The thing that stood out most were the comments regarding the hinge. The hinge design is IMPROVED. It flexes because there is a soft pad that allows for give so the hinge doesn't break. Open the phone, lay it face down on a table, and pound down on it. It gives! No breaking, no damage! I find the speaker quality and speakerphone to be far better and have not experienced any "tin can" sounding music. I find the screen to be far clearer than the original and pictures show much more detail. Really, I have no idea what phone you're talking about!!

4. Mr. V unregistered

I have to concur with the poster above- the reviewer definitely missed the fact that the the stop for the flip is rubber, not hard plastic. The resulting small amount of 'give' at the end of the flip's travel should help keep the flip from breaking if you drop the phone while it's open, or press it too hard against your head. It seems more like good design that a quality issue, because the flip actually has very little play and opens and closes very smoothly, i.e. its not 'el cheapo'. Additionally, there's a review up for the 8350 over at CNET, which, contrary to this one, praises the 8350's call quality/sound quality. They gave the phone an 8.3 or 'Excellent', and based on my experience, I'd have to agree. They also generally praised the camera, again, in contrast to this review. PhoneScoop user reviews have also been quite positive.

5. Nate unregistered

My wife and I both got this phone after hearing good reviews of the 8300. To say the least, we have been very dissapointed with the reception of these phones. When a strong signal is available, there is no problem, but unfortanately, we don't have a strong signal at home. We have encountered numerous dropped calls and very bad reception in the two weeks that we have had these phones. We will be returning these phones.

6. unregistered

2 other points of mension that they didn't talk about where there is no flash on the VX8350, why would you get rid of that? Also the plactice holster/belt clip who ever designed it needs to be slapped. On my VX4500, VX8100, VX7000 and the VX8300 you can open your phone with the holster attached. The VX8350 you have to remove the phone from the holster to open the phone

7. Jo unregistered

I agree with the review. This phone does not live up to expectations. Sound quality is poor ... tinny and muffled. Camera is useless. Ergonomics and handling are not bad. Fits in pocket well.

8. adam unregistered

I purchased the vx8350 about a week ago. Here's my take thus far. This is the first new phone I've bought in about 4 years. I've been using my LG3200 & comparing the 8350 to the 3200 this is what I think. First the 8350 is much more difficult to open, especially with one hand. The grooves dont allow for a quick open. Second, while the larger screen is nice, the size of the numbers is a little absurd, they are way to large for my liking & that doesnt allow for too much privacy, especially when punching in your voicemail pswd. Third, the number keypad uses white lights compared to the blue on the 3200. The blue lighted keypad in my opinion is much easier to see. Fourth, the position of the charger port is kind of a hassle. You have to remove that little rubber piece, but when you buy the phone, it's recommended you keep that little piece to prevent dust/dirt from getting inside the phone. That piece is so small, it'll be lost in a day. On the 3200, the charged plugs right into the side, no fuss. The 3200 also has a removable rubber piece (for a car charger). Fifth, the 3200 has about 35+ ring options from holiday tunes to a latin beat. The 8350 only has about 15+ & there's not much variety. Sixth, surprisingly, the battery life on my 3200 is out performing the 8350. Very disappointed in that. Seventh, similiar to the the ring tones, there is not alot of background pics as on the 3200. Bottom line is this: I'm not sure yet whether I'll wind up keeping the 8350. From a person who has had the same 3200 phone for a few years, I thought upgrading to the 8350 would be alot more sexy than it has turned out to be. I'm not that impressed & if my 3200 was still working perfectly after I dropped it in water, I'd probably still be using it.

9. mark unregistered

I bought this phone to replace my vx4650. The maximum volume is less, and if the phone is sitting down, the volume will be reduced even more. I have found several bugs in the software. -If you are using the phone and receive a text, the action on the screen isn't necessarily what will happen when you press the button. -Pictures are correct if the phone is open, but are backwards (mirrored) if taken while the phone is closed. The image is reversed for the external display as well as for the file. -The dates of several appointments were corrupted. I could not change them (got an out of range error) and so had to delete and re-do. -certain mp3 files (high or variable bit rate) DO NOT SHOW UP on the player. Verizon's pc software does not catch these files. The phone now will shut off sometimes when it is snapped shut. It did not do this when new. Verizon's leather case SUCKS. It does not fit well. It covers the side buttons, making them very hard to hit accurately, especially when you can't see them. When open, the upper part slides up and covers the earpiece and camera. On my old phone, the case was almost impossible to put on or take off, but at least it stayed put!

10. Myles unregistered

I just had to replace my broken 8300 with the 8350. I didn't want to but the people I was going through didn't have them in stock so they "upgraded" me. I thought the new version would be just like the old, but within 20 minutes of getting the 8350 I knew this phone would be terrible. I have to agree with others that the design is completely ridiculous. I enjoy the convienance of being able to flip open my phone with one hand, but the 8350 not only is a pain to open with both hands, but the cheap-feeling plastic slides around so you never feel like you have a firm grip on the thing. Who in the world designs a phone without a flash?? I thought maybe the camera doesn't need one due to some superior technology so I tried taking a few pics in a dark room and guess what? I got black pictures! Such a stupid design. My only comfort is that I may be able to sell the 8350 online, buy the 8300, and make a few extra bucks.

11. Martha Morrison unregistered

I have had the LG 8350 for 5 months. My first phone broke at the hinge after 3 months. The replacement broke, in the same spot, after only 2 months. This is the 6th phone I have had in 12 years of cellular service. I am not hard or abusive with phones. This phone has cheap, weak hinges. The battery life is also very poor. With the new phone I get crackling occasionally. Compared to the 8300 I previously had, this phone is a piece of trash.

21. bikegem

Posts: 1; Member since: Aug 30, 2008

I agree with this comment. The right hinge on mine broke 3 months after I bought it, and I am very easy on my phone. Verizon replaced it, after a lot of contentious discussion. Now, 4 months later the replacement broke. I am not going to replace it with this same phone. I am very frustrated.

26. unregistered

Hinge is faulty, mine "also" broke in less than 3 months of ownership. I am hoping for some 'warranty' on this so I don't have to "buy" a new one!

12. Wendy unregistered

I am so glad to see that I am not the only person with a problem with the hinge. My 1st LG 8350 broke on the right hinge (Facing) after two months of normal use, and the store replaced it cheerfully. My 2nd LG 8350 broke in the same EXACT place 2 months later ( so I have had an 8350 a total of 4 months,) only this time the Verizon store was combative at best. They said that no one else had experienced this problem with the hinge and that I must have done something to it. After MUCH heated conversation, they agreed to replace it without the $50 fee they were going to charge me and proceeded to tell me there is no known problem with this phone and that they would never replace it again. Lucky, the nice lady at the 1-800 number was more helpful and told me to call her if I had an issue again. I have taken pictures of the broken phone as proof for the next time this occurs-which is likely to happen. I am also not hard or abusive on my phones and even had a silicone cover on the phone just in case...to no avail. Please post if you have had a similiar problem.

19. unregistered

Same problem. The hinge broke on the right side of the phone (facing front). I didn't drop the phone, only took it out of my pocket to see that there is a chunk missing out of the hinge. Could you post the picture? Going to the Verizon store to see what happens tomorrow...

20. unregistered

Same problem at right hinge. I think it's because of the stress from opening phone with left hand.Very thin plastic.

22. unregistered

Mine also broke on the right hinge. I took it out of my pocket this morning and it was stiff to open. I examined it and a chunk was missing from the right side. We'll see what Verizon will do......

30. drsingh

Posts: 1; Member since: Jan 28, 2009

I had the similar problem…the first time right hinge broke within 3 months and now around 9 months later the replaced phone had the same problem…right hinge broke…I can say that I didn’t apply any force or dropped the phone. Fist time I was able to get free replacement, but I don’t know what will happen this time…can we apply customer rights…can we take some legal action??

13. Holly C. unregistered

Have had this phone about 7 months. Several concerns. (Note: I basically use it as a phone, only occasionally for pix, not for music, not for emails, or online anything. So, from me this phone gets really minimal daily wear/tear use.) 1) Dumb that it doesn't have a flash if it's intended for picture-taking. 2) Outside buttons get pushed accidentally all the time just from slight movement within the confines of my purse or pocket. I don't even use these things except to check the date/time/and to see if there are any messages or missed calls without having to flip open. 3) Lately, last couple weeks, I've noticed the phone just shuts itself off! It's done this about 4 times, inexplicably. It is not the battery. I've cleaned the connection points. I have tried all manner of combinations of button pushing from the outside and cannot make it shut off that way. I can find no explanation on-line for this anomally which others have also had with this and with previous models. 4) Two-handed flip is awkward; should be able to do one-handed. 5) The manual for the thing is extremely cheap! Teeny-tiny print on teeny-tiny, flimsy pages. Come on! 6) The $40 bluetooth is a waste. No one can hear me when I use that thing. I will read a lot more reviews before buying my next phone.

14. sna unregistered

I have dropped my LG VX8350 phone in water. It does not turn on, is it possible to retreive my contacts?

16. Shawn M unregistered

My wife and I both purchased LG VX8350 phones about 1 1/2 years ago. I have had nothing but problems with the phone I have. It shuts off for no apparent reason. I have read above that others are having this same problem. The first phone I had, my wife took to the local office to have them look at the problem, and they gave her a brand new phone. That was all well and good and it worked fine for a little while. Then all of a sudden, guess what? Yep, it started shutting off on its own as well. Now the phone that my wife has, is beginning to do the same thing. It is really frustrating when you have to turn your phone off and on 4-5 times a day, not to mention missing phone calls and text messages due to it being off and me not knowing it. My wife went back to the local cell phone store today, and they tell her that they will give her a refurbished phone in place of the one we have. In my opinion that is like trading in a 87 chevy cavalier for a 08 chevy cavalier. I think they know this phone is junk and there is not much they can (or will) do about it. I have to give them a thumbs down for this particular phone. I am eligible for an upgrade at the end of August, so I will just sit it out and wait until upgrade time with a phone that shuts off several times a day. By the way, the local cell store here was told to keep their refurbished phone!!! Anyone thinking of getting the LG VX8350 I would highly recommend staying away from it, at least from what experiences I have been through.

17. jmo unregistered

My 8350 shuts off when I close the flip, often 7/10 times. Not sure if closing the phone actually presses the power button off or if there is another issue. Will try another one as I like the phone otherwise.

18. unregistered

Just got my 8350 - does anyone know a way to keep the outside LED display light on all the time?

23. unregistered

This phone is fantastic. I can go a week before charging. Some of the reviews for this phone were that people thought it felt cheap and was hard to open with one hand. I have to disagree. It is a lighter weight phone but does not feel cheap. I have had no problem opening with one hand. The battery life is amazing. I guess those people never have a motorola phone, because the battery life is terrible and there are always problems. I am very happy with the lg8350 and would recommend to anyone.

24. unregistered

My husband and I both got one of these phones in December 2007. In March, the hinge broke on mine. I've been limping along with it because I didn't buy the insurance. But today, my husband tells me that his broke too! So, we're going to go down to Verizon and see if we can get them to replace the phones. We've heard of other people having similar problems with this phone, so hopefully they will honor us as customers for the past 6 years!

25. Justin_Orlando unregistered

I am on my 3rd LG VX8350 - first purchased in Feb 2008 - first one had defective speaker phone, replaced on day 2 with a brand new one, then I noticed it would randomly turn off after a call, usually only 1-2 times a week, but it's bad when I go hours wondering why my phone hasn't rang, then I check and it's off, I turn it on and I have voice mails and text messages, replaced about 2 weeks ago, new phone has now shut off at least twice in about 2 weeks. I guess it's time for phone #4? I LOVE LG, and only have had LG with Verizon, but I hope they will let me pay and upgrade to a better phone, I am tired of this.

27. finnegan0322 unregistered

i have just receive a vx8350 from my aunt. and i am from the philippines. where do you put the sim card?
  • Display 176 x 220 pixels
  • Camera 1.3 MP
  • Battery 1000 mAh(3.45h talk time)

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