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LG DoublePlay Review


Every now and then, we come upon a device that goes outside the mold to separate itself dramatically from everything else. Well, the LG Doubleplay is one of those smartphones that attempts to provide a practical experience in typing messages with its split-style QWERTY keyboard. Naturally, it comes off as a tangible distraction from the usual litter we're normally accustomed to seeing, but will it actually enhance or improve the experience?

The package contains:

  • LG Doubleplay
  • microUSB cable
  • Wall Charger
  • Start Guide
  • Product Safety and Warranty Information


Besides its incorporation of a split-style keyboard and a secondary touchscreen, there is absolutely nothing pretty about this chubby one. By today standards, it tips the scale in overall sheer size, weight, and thickness – making it a constant distraction in our pockets. Indeed, it's far from being premium feeling due to its plastic shell, which strangely retains smudges. And much like other recent LG smartphones, the metal strip in the rear serves no other purpose than being there for aesthetics.

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When so many other mid-range devices feature WVGA resolution, it's really a bummer to find LG Doubleplay packing a 3.5" HVGA (320x480 pixels) display. Of course, its limitation is blatantly exposed with fine text, as we have some difficulty viewing them in the web browser. Thankfully though, we really like the display's deep and luscious color production, which isn't something we normally find with a typical LCD panel. However, it's low brightness output and poor viewing angles make it nearly impossible to see  in outdoor settings.

You'd think that going with a split-style keyboard would improve the typing experience, but in actually using it, we find it considerably more challenging. First of all, the tiny sized plastic buttons aren't that defined, which makes it difficult to feel out - plus, it doesn't help when the response is rather stiff to the touch as well. Moreover, our thumbs are easily cramped due to the tight spacing they're covering.

The Doubleplay packs a secondary 2" touchscreen that separates its keyboard. Even though it has some practical uses with multi-tasking, such as being given access to text messages, music player, group texting, picture gallery, email, calendar, browser, and social+ app, it doesn't necessarily enhance or refine the overall experience. In all honesty, we do like the multitasking aspects it offers, but doesn't dramatically go beyond that.

As usual, we find the typical set of Android capacitive buttons beneath the main display, which are placed far away from the edges to reduce accidental presses. Meanwhile, the only thing above the display is the earpiece – albeit, we’re shocked to find this 4G enabled smartphone lacking a front facing camera.

Around the sides of the phone, we find its  microUSB port, 3.5mm headset jack, volume rocker, and dedicated power button – with the latter two exhibiting springy responses when pressed.

Finally, the rear is home to the handset's 5-megapixel auto-focus camera with LED flash and two notches for the handset's speakerphone. Yanking off the plastic rear cover, we're provided access to its 1,500 mAh battery, SIM card slot, and microSD slot that's preloaded with a 2GB card.

LG Doubleplay 360-degrees View:

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