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Introduction and Design

When LG first introduced the VX8000 flip phone nearly five years ago, it was an immediate success for Verizon due to the dual color displays, 1.3MP CCD camera, stereo speakers, excellent call quality, and overall good looks. Since then, the line has continued to evolve with the VX8100, the ever-popular VX8300, VX8350, and last year’s VX8360. Now comes the latest iteration, the LG Clout VX8370. Naturally, over the years the styling has changed, but the Clout VX8370 still retains its heritage, and actually reminds us of the VX8300 due to its overall shape and color. When we reviewed the VX8350 two years ago, we felt that it was a step-down from the VX8300, due to the overall poor build quality, but then when the VX8360 came out; our confidence in the line was restored. Let’s see if the Clout VX8370 is a step in the right direction.

Included in the retail package is the LG Clout VX8370 phone, 1000mAh battery, wall charger with detachable microUSB cable, and user guides.


LG has kept a higher bar for the VX8000 series of flip phones, which sets it atop their introductory and mid-level devices. The LG Clout VX8370 is no exception, as it is quality-made and feels sturdy and durable, which should hold up to normal daily use. Its dark metallic gray color with black trim is similar to the VX8300, as is the location of the stereo speakers on the sides of the hinge. Even though the Clout VX8370 is slightly larger than the VX8360, it still fits quite comfortably in your hand or pocket.

On the front of the LG Clout remains the small 1.17” 65K color TFT external display that is used on the VX8360. We’re not sure why LG has kept the front display this size with the past few models, as the one on the original VX8000 was a bit larger. Still, it useful enough to show your own wallpaper, check the date & time, battery & signal level, and even for viewing text messages. Above it is the 2MP camera, and below are the music player control buttons. Along the sides of the device are the volume rocker, speakerphone key, 2.5mm headset jack, microUSB port, speakerphone and camera key, and microSDHC memory card slot that supports up to 16GB memory cards.

The LG Clout opens and closes smoothly, but you can hear some of the plastic rubbing together. There is also a bit more flexing to the hinge than on the VX8360, but it still feels studier than the hinge on the VX8350. The internal display on the Clout is now up to 2.2” with QVGA resolution and 262K color support. When placed next to the VX8360, you can clearly appreciate the larger internal screen size on the Clout. The d-pad on the Clout is also a bit larger, which allows for easier menu navigation. Not only that, but the keyboard has also increased in size, as the buttons with white backlit numbers and letters are larger and easier to view. They all are slightly ‘bubbled up’ in the center, which allow for a good tactile feel, and also provide a noticeable ‘click’ when pressed. We also appreciate the checkered color pattern on the keyboard, as it visually differentiates the rows of keys.

LG Clout 360 Degrees View:

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