BuQu Tech PowerArmour Battery Case for Apple iPhone 6 Review

The BuQu Tech PowerArmour Battery Case looks and functions similarly to all the other battery we’ve ever tested with Apple’s iPhones. Despite that, we will say that we like how the Lightning cable is arranged to seamlessly fit onto the iPhone 6. Whereas with other battery cases, which would have these weird extensions that sometimes jut out awkwardly from the rest of the case, the PowerArmour Battery Case is able to offer a seamless look because the section of the case that holds the Lightning cable can pulled down to allow the iPhone 6 to rest in place – and then pushed back up to make the connection.

When it comes to its overall design, however, it’s a bit too conventional for our liking. In all honesty, it’s pretty boring by today’s standards, even though its soft touch finish gives it a clean look. To an extent, the case also serves as a protective one as well – on top of being a battery case, of course. Unfortunately, the added heft of the case recesses the iPhone 6’s 3.5mm headphones jack, which requires the included extension adapter to access. On the back, there’s a single button that lights up the corresponding four blue LED lights to indicate its charge status. Not too far away, a simple switch permits us to initiate the charging process at a moment’s notice.

As for its charging capability, it’s stuffed with a 2800 mAh battery, which manages to fully charge a dead iPhone 6 back to a 100% level. After that, we’re only able to get another 35% charge before it’s completely tapped out. For its intended purpose, the full charge we’re able to draw out of the PowerArmour Battery Case is sufficient to our liking, but nothing too extraordinary to say the least. Slapped with a price of $79.99, it’s within the tolerable range we see in other similarly spec’d battery chargers – so it’s an investment that power users won’t mind dishing out for.


  • Doubles the battery life of the iPhone 6
  • Simple mechanism to connect its built-in Lightning cable


  • Conventional looking battery case design
  • 3.5mm headset jack is recessed & requires adapter to access

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1. 0xFFFF

Posts: 3806; Member since: Apr 16, 2014

Of course the wealthy iPhone owners, and others who are truly dedicated to St. Ive, skip the iPhone case and instead just buy a case of iPhones. This way they always have several charged iPhones in reserve whenever they need one.

2. haqanamul200

Posts: 4; Member since: Dec 31, 2014

well its for usuelly its charge lasting is great for long journey

3. squiggly

Posts: 1; Member since: Dec 31, 2014

Within 24 hours, ALL 4 LED Charge Indicator Lights "burned out" one at a time, so I couldn't tell at first how much (if at all the case had charged!), power cord difficult to insert into charge Case, Headphone Adaptor very flimsy and doesn't fit corredtky into jack, The red & green "on/off" button on back of BuQu Case, keeps moving to the centre, so you don't know from looking at it, if it's on or off (the charging symbol on the iPhone 6 lets you know, the red/green "on/off" switch is weak and doesn't stay to whichever side you set it to. Always shows a bit of both colours in the middle!?, When charging iPhone 6 & BuQu Case, the "Hey Siri" option doesn't work, when charging, kept getting a text box saying; this accessory may not be supported" with a Dismiss option to close it off!, after several hours, no matter if the case switch on back ("off"-red or "on"-green), would NOT charge the case OR the iPhone 6!!?? The charge lightnining bolt indicator on the iPhone 6 on the upper right of the screen would only turn on for a second and then disappear? I removed the case and got out my regular charge cord and wasn't able to charge my iPhone 6 at all!? After trying a few things, I discovered that the plug in socket was fried and had to be replaced!!!?? I contacted Customer Support 4 times now and all I got was the link to review the device here on Amazon.com! No answer, no resolution. Poor QC testing. Proceed with caution! I do not recommend this product at all!

4. tonylong

Posts: 1; Member since: Aug 13, 2015

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