WWDC 2024: How to watch and what to expect

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WWDC is Apple's annual developer conference where Cupertino lifts the veil on new software in the works for the new iPhones. WWDC 2024 is going to be introducing iOS 18 (which will debut with the new iPhone 16 models) and iPad OS 18, alongside other exciting software improvements. And it's finally today!

If you're looking for info about the conference, its keynote, and what to expect Apple to unveil, you've come to the right place.

WWDC 2024: How to watch?

The main event of the WWDC 2024 conference is the keynote on June 10. The conference will start at 10 am PT/ 1 pm ET and will be broadcast on Apple's YouTube channel (video embedded above, so you can watch from here too), as well as on Apple's Events website.

If you have an Apple device, you're also able to watch the event from Apple's Developer app on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac; or from the Apple TV app on supporting devices.

The conference is officially going to be held from June 10 to June 14, but the majority of the announcements are going to happen on the first day of the conference.

WWDC 2024: What to expect?

Generative AI comes to the iPhone

AI is the hot trend nowadays, and slowly and surely, it's going to be almost everywhere. Samsung and others have already jumped on the AI bandwagon, and we expect Apple to do so too, and it will for sure talk about it during WWDC 2024.

Of course, Apple has already used smart algorithms on its iPhones, for photography and machine learning, but is yet to put an emphasis on generative AI. We expect Apple to showcase some generative AI tech like editing tools for photos and videos (maybe for Final Cut Pro), auto summarization for FaceTime calls, and instant agendas based on meetings or holiday bookings.

For sure, we'll get generative AI features for productivity as well.

Apps that are likely to get AI changes with the iOS 18 update include Notes, Messages, Voice Memos, and Safari. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has pretty much spoiled most of the expected AI features now. He says the new AI tech will be called 'Apple Intelligence' and will focus on integrating AI. It will reportedly be opt-in, it will be based on Apple's own AI model and tools from OpenAI, it will use the cloud for AI. Features that are expected are summarization, smart replies, categorization in Gmail, AI-created emojis, transcription of Voice Memo recordings, and photo editing.

Big improvements to Siri

Siri is rumored to get a proper AI upgrade, probably with the help of ChatGPT. In fact, pretty notable advancements are expected: for example improved natural language comprehension, better search capabilities, and access to generative AI features.

Siri has been around for quite some time and it arguably started the entire Virtual assistant thing on phones. But in recent years, it's been lacking in comparison to some of its competitors. However, we expect Apple to kick it right back into contention with smart AI features that should transform Siri and the experience of using it.

AI will probably make Siri better at answering questions with simple and understandable answers and also do more complex tasks such as crafting a list of restaurants to visit based on your agenda or planning a holiday.

iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and watchOS 11

Of course, as with any year, we expect the next operating systems for iPhones and iPads to be shown during the event. Key features will be detailed, and exciting new stuff will be unveiled to get us all hyped.

iOS 18

The focus of iOS 18 will most likely be the aforementioned AI features with the integration of ChatGPT (according to rumors). Alongside smarter Siri, you can expect AI responses to emails, AI-powered editing in Photos, and even smart composing of playlists in Apple Music. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, iOS 18 will be the biggest iPhone software update in the device history (at least so it is reportedly known internally at Apple). This is definitely getting me hyped.

iPadOS 18

We expect iPadOS 18 to be built upon the same AI principle. Of course here the focus will most likely be productivity and creativity. The new advancements will also likely take advantage of the new M4 chip in the new iPad Pro models, and likely the M2 in the iPad Air.

watchOS 11

We're also likely going to see the same AI improvements coming to Apple's smartwatch operating system. We'll get a look at what features watchOS 11 will bring to the table. Maybe we'll see health and fitness-centric features powered by AI (which will most likely process on the iPhone), and more customization of said features.

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Also, we expect to hear about improvements in existing features in watchOS like health tracking and atrial fibrillation detection. Unfortunately, we probably won't be seeing a return of blood oxygen monitoring on the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

Vision Pro update

You can also expect the first major update for Apple's mixed-reality (spatial computing, as Apple calls it) headset to be detailed during the event. It is not clear what this update will feature, so we'll have to wait and see.

What not to expect: hardware announcements

Likely, we're not going to see new hardware during the conference. So, don't expect new AirPods, iPhones... Of course, Apple could show us a new color for the iPhone 15, but we're not likely to see an iPhone SE 4 or a new entry-level iPad just yet.

According to industry insiders such as Gurman, this WWDC 2024 will be exclusively focused on software. And with AI being the center of attention at the moment, expect the event to be almost entirely focused on AI features.

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