Woman gets stuck in outhouse toilet trying to save her Apple Watch

Woman gets stuck in outhouse toilet trying to save her Apple Watch
What would you do to retrieve your Apple Watch if it fell into a toilet? And suppose this toilet was located in an outhouse inside a state park. We know what one woman did and it turned out to be a crappy situation for her. While using an outhouse by the Dixon Lake boat launch Tuesday morning, approximately 230 miles northwest of Detroit, Michigan, an unnamed woman dropped her Apple Watch into the toilet. She lowered herself into the bowl to grab her watch and got stuck.

Michigan State Police (MSP) heard her cries for help and the rescue involved removing the toilet and using a strap to lift her to safety. A spokesman for the MSP said that the woman was able to grab her Apple Watch before the rescue started and while she might have been embarrassed, and perhaps smelled like an overflowing septic tank, she was not injured. The spokesman, Derrick Carroll, also mentioned how the woman expressed her gratitude toward the first responders who helped remove her from the toilet. Carroll told local media that "She was in the muck, if you will."

While this should go without saying, authorities felt the need to remind the public not to go inside "the containment area" to retrieve any items. The MSP press release says, "If you lose an item in an outhouse toilet, do not attempt to venture inside the containment area. Serious injury may occur." While we get that the expense of an Apple Watch might drive someone to try and retrieve the device, it isn't worth putting yourself in danger to do so. Your best bet, should this happen to you, is to call the proper authorities; do not take "matters" into your own hands.

In this case, the woman was lucky to escape with both her watch and health although the report does not say what the Apple Watch owner did to clean her timepiece. The Apple Watch Series 2 and later are water resistant to 50 meters (approximately 164 feet). The Apple Watch Ultra is water resistant to 100 meters (approximately 328 feet).

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