Verizon's OnePlus experiment seems to be over

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Verizon's OnePlus experiment seems to be over
Verizon won't be carrying the OnePlus 8T, that much is clear by now, even though OnePlus touted the availability of the 8 UW on Big Red to a great fanfare in the spring. What happened just a few short months later that stopped Verizon from including another great value-for-money (see our 8T vs Galaxy S20 FE comparison) OnePlus handset in its roster ?

Well, apparently the good ol' low sales volume argument happened. Back in July, Wave7's analyst Jeff Moore warned that due to a combination of factors like low interest and irregular supply, the OnePlus 8 UW isn't moving like hot cakes from Verizon's retail shelves, based on his rep surveys.

Is the OnePlus 8T coming to Verizon at all?

Fast forward to today, and it seems that just T-Mobile has picked up the OnePlus 8T, and a Plus version at that, tailored to its rich mid-band 5G spectrum. The fact that OnePlus is releasing an 8T model six months after the OnePlus 8 hasn't stopped T-Mobile from carrying it, while Verizon has apparently balked at the proposition.

Granted, there may be something else behind the decision to skip the OnePlus 8T, like the fact that Verizon would demand an exclusive UW version with mmWave 5G network support which takes time and testing, and is usually a bit more expensive than the regular unlocked one or the T-Mobile models.

Still, judging from the summer OnePlus 8 UW sales analysis, and the fact that Verizon is reportedly passing on the OnePlus 8T altogether, shows that low interest in anything else but Apple or Samsung phones may be the more likely as Big Red's argumentation on the matter.

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