You have only a few days left to trade in your older iPad for a free dockless Pixel Tablet

You have only a few days left to trade in your older iPad for a free dockless Pixel Tablet
The Pixel Tablet is now available without the Charging Speaker Dock for a price of $399 (it's $499 including the dock). For that price, you are receiving the model with 128GB of storage. You can also make 12 monthly payments of $33.25. The dockless Pixel Tablet with 256GB of storage will cost you $499 or 12 monthly payments of $41.58. But there is a way that you can score a dockless 128GB Pixel Tablet for the low, low price of $0.

In the U.S., the Google Store is running a promotion that gives consumers trading in an iPad no older than 2018's sixth-generation iPad $399 for their trade. The latter was priced at $329 when it was released six years ago. So essentially, if you trade in that iPad or any newer iPad model, Google will value your trade at the exact amount needed to give you a free 128GB Pixel Tablet in return.

This deal is only available through the new pre-order period for the dockless Pixel Tablet which starts shipping on May 14th. So you only have a few days to take advantage of Google's largesse. When you head to the Google Store and navigate to the Pixel Tablet page, figure out the color and storage options you want, and then fill out the proper fields to get an estimate on your iPad trade-in. If you do want to trade your iPad for a free Pixel Tablet, don't forget to tap the "Add trade-in" button before proceeding to the checkout page.

Now if you decide that you need the dock, or you want the 256GB model, or both, you can still get $399 for your eligible iPad which will reduce your invoice by a significant amount. Again, to reiterate, if you just want the 128GB Pixel Tablet without the charging speaker dock, you will get enough credit for your eligible iPad trade to cover the cost of the slate.

The Pixel Tablet features a 10.95-inch LCD display and is powered by the Tensor G2 chipset. It is equipped with 8GB of RAM, an 8MP rear-facing camera, and the same camera is also found on the front of the tablet. A 7020mAh battery keeps the lights on and delivers up to 12 hours of video streaming.

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