The crazy popular T-Mobile Tuesdays program is officially expanding to Sprint customers

The crazy popular T-Mobile Tuesdays program is officially expanding to Sprint customers
5G speeds are nice and all (in theory), but T-Mobile's "nationwide" low-band network is still not significantly faster than competing 4G LTE services and the integration of Sprint's valuable mid-band spectrum will need more time to make a meaningful difference for millions of people.

As such, many Sprint customers might be more eager to get the same weekly freebies and perks as their Magenta-subscribing compadres than those "immediate coverage improvements" rumored to have played a big part in T-Mo's major recent outage.

Well, the wait is now officially over, and next Tuesday will mark the highly anticipated expansion of T-Mobile's hugely popular loyalty program. Launched way back in 2016, T-Mobile Tuesdays will unsurprisingly retain its already iconic name, opening up to all Sprint subscribers after offering more than $900 million in discounts and gifts over the years, including 35 million cups of free coffee, 11 million+ pizzas, 1.1 billion gallons of discounted gas, and 120 million hours of movies.

Those are some pretty impressive stats for a simple and straightforward loyalty-rewarding plan that's been constantly crushing Verizon and AT&T's weak attempts at a worthy adversary. Going forward, Team Magenta essentially aims to keep it up, promising a "massive lineup of free stuff, discounts and prizes" coming this summer as a result of high-profile partnerships with everyone from Burger King to Postmates, Shell, and Tesla.

A few of the program's upcoming highlights include "delicious eats" from the likes of Burger King, Popeyes, and Baskin-Robbins offered every single week either for free or at a big discount, as well as a Tesla Model 3 sweepstake (yes, really) and cheaper than ever fuel.

Whether you're a T-Mobile or Sprint customer, all you need to do to join the fun and start (or keep) saving is download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app (on your iPhone or Android handset), open it every seven days, and hit "redeem" next to each individual offer you'd like to claim.

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The first batch of joint T-Mobile/Sprint perks will be available on June 23, consisting of a gratis belt bag with Pride-inspired colors and logos (worth $10), $0.25 off per gallon of Shell gas (up to 20 gallons), unlimited access to MyTelemedicine through the rest of the year, and the chance to win the newly released Samsung Galaxy A71 5G handset as part of the first of many sweepstakes totaling more than $2 million in prizes this summer.

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