Spotify finally introduces live lyrics for karaoke

Spotify finally introduces live lyrics
Spotify is finally bringing live lyrics to the world's most popular music platform. With Spotify's new partnership with Musixmatch (first spotted by The Verge), listeners will now be able to follow the lyrics to any song, as it rolls along in real time on the screen.

This is undoubtedly groundbreaking news for karaoke aficionados, who can now sing along to essentially any song, anywhere, straight from their Spotify playlist on their phone. Musixmatch's lyrics database contains the tracks for over 8 million songs, as per the company's claim, which should cover every popular song you can think of.

The new lyrics feature is available across all Spotify platforms, and accessible to anyone with an account—no matter whether they're a paying subscriber of Spotify Premium, or are simply using the free version.

This isn't Spotify's first brush with the Italian music data company Musixmatch by any means. Back in 2015, Musixmatch had also begun providing real-time lyrics for Spotify's PC app, allowing music fans to go karaoke-wild behind their desktop monitor.

However, a disagreement before the two companies led to their going their separate ways just a year later. Musixmatch's statement about the rift had mentioned that "we will not allow anybody to ignore our business model," leading to the belief that Spotify had tried to impose exclusivity restrictions on Musixmatch's services.

Spotify must have let up a bit over the past 5 years, however, as the two companies seem to be once again in good humors with each other and ready to launch a collaboration which we all hope will last for years this time around. After all, who doesn't love a good karaoke session every now and then?

Musixmatch-provided lyrics are now fully live on Spotify, and to activate them on mobile, simply go to Spotify, start playing a song, and you should instantly see a new "lyrics" red banner across the bottom of the "Now Playing" screen of a track. Simply swipe up on it, and get karaoke-ing!

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