Spotify gets mystic: Song Psychic answers your questions with music

Spotify gets mystic: Song Psychic answers your questions with music
For those curious about what lies ahead, Spotify is throwing open the doors to the future, not in a literal sense, but with a dash of fun. The music streaming giant is rolling out a fresh feature on its service.

The Swedish company revealed in a blog post (via TechCrunch) that it's introducing a new Song Psychic feature. This mystical addition promises to blend "cosmic guidance" with a playful musical experience. In a nutshell, you can toss questions at Spotify and receive music-based answers.

To get your fortune told by the musical psychic, head to on your mobile device or scan the QR code on Song Psychic’s website.

Once inside, pick from an array of broader categories such as School, Friends and Family, Love, Career, Life’s Greatest Mysteries, My Future, Myself, Style, and Lunch. While not entirely open-ended, the feature lets you choose from nine different topics and then select from a list of pre-populated questions.

After entering your question, the Song Psychic instructs you to press your finger on the screen. Colors swirl around as mystical music hums in the background, building anticipation before your answer is revealed in the form of a song (check out what answer it gave to my question below).


Taking a cue from the success of Spotify’s personalized year-end review, Wrapped, the Song Psychic's response is shareable. Simply tap on a button below, and a built-in sharing sheet pops up, allowing you to post the answer to WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, Snapchat, X, Messages, and more.

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The Song Psychic isn't playing favorites. It's up for grabs by both Spotify's free and Premium subscribers. Currently, it's available in 64 markets and in 21 different languages. Apparently, music magic knows no boundaries.

Speaking of the future this whole time, Spotify tests AI-powered playlists, which will be created with the help of short, ChatGPT-like prompts.

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