Save $100 from YHE on the first smartwatch with an inflatable cuff for medically accurate BP readings

Save $100 from YHE on the first smartwatch with an inflatable cuff for medically accurate BP reading
From now through the end of the year, you can save $100 on the YHE BP Doctor Pro, a smartwatch that features an inflatable cuff hidden under the band to deliver accurate blood pressure readings right on a smartwatch display. It is the first smartwatch able to give you your blood pressure right from your wrist. The watch also measures HRV or Heart Rate Variability which measures the variation in time between each heartbeat.

The BP Doctor Pro is a smartwatch with an inflatable cuff for "medically accurate" blood pressure readings from your wrist

Someone stressed will have a low HRV while a healthy person should have a high HRV. The HRV sensor can help detect coronary heart disease, hypertension, and heart failure. The timepiece also will show you your Blood Oxygen level. This measures the percentage of hemoglobin in your blood carrying oxygen and a normal reading is in the range of 95% to 100%.

Since the pandemic started, this metric has been studied to see if it can be used to diagnose someone with COVID-19. If a person has a low Blood Oxygen level but isn't feeling the impact of such a low reading, this could be a clue that this person has COVID and should be tested ASAP. The watch also offers sleep tracking, workout and running modes, and will track your heart rate

The watch also measures the calories you've burned along with calories burned while walking or playing sports. There are also some other basic features including a weather app and an alarm clock.

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The BP Doctor Pro is equipped with a 1.4-inch AMOLED display with a 320 x 360 resolution. A 208MHz MTK processor powers the device that features a 220mAh battery that does not provide enough battery life. Normally priced at $399, using the coupon code YHEWELCOME will save you a fast $100 taking the price down to $299. You can check out the device or order from the manufacturer's website.

The BP Doctor Pro also measures heart rate, calories burned, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), and more

The company says that the device offers medical-grade accuracy and data will be stored offline for seven days. And there are different watch faces that you can choose from. Why would you need this watch? If your blood pressure is chronically high, you might want to monitor it several times a day. But carrying a traditional blood pressure machine to work and everywhere you go is hard to do.

With the BP Doctor Pro, a simple tap starts the inflatable cuff which helps to deliver blood pressure readings that YHE says are just as accurate as those other dedicated BP machines that you can find at the pharmacy. The watch was originally offered on Indiegogo and the device raised over half a million dollars.

It isn't clear whether any of the health-related capabilities of the watch have received FDA approval and the watch is not water-resistant which means you might have to keep it covered under your shirt when it is raining outside. And as we previously mentioned, the battery life is too short for someone to consider this their daily driver.

While this is a useful tool for those who need to have an accurate BP reading wherever they are, we do have suggestions for the sequel, if indeed there is one. Fit a larger capacity battery into the timepiece and add GPS capabilities. And by all means, make the second-gen version water-resistant. Too many users will forget to take off their watch before washing dishes, and even washing one's hands could leak water into the works.

Even as a niche device, without the broader appeal of, say the Apple Watch or the Samsung Galaxy Watch, these changes need to be made.

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