Samsung reports rising interest in Galaxy Fold 4 phones from enterprise partners

Samsung reports rising interest in Galaxy Fold 4 phones from enterprise partners
Samsung has revealed a report showcasing the adoption rate and demand for its Galaxy Z series of foldable smartphones, for enterprise customers specifically. And things seem to be looking great for them, with a 105% increase when compared to last year.

Samsung’s own projections confirm that folding phones seem to get more and more accepted by consumers worldwide. Right now, there are around 16 million Galaxy Z Fold and Flip units worldwide, which are expected to grow up to 23 million during 2023.

Why are businesses investing in Galaxy Fold 4 phones?

Well, the answer might be just as obvious as you would think: the ability to unfold your phone for a tablet experience allows for great flexibility and utility, not to mention that the larger screen size would enable professionals to use multiple apps at the same time.

The Z Fold 4 is a powerful smartphone and as such can have up to three apps open side-by-side simultaneously via Multi Window. This means that you can browse your inbox while waiting for your next meeting to start, or better yet - you can compare two reports side-by-side.

The Taskbar helps out in that regard too. It’s reminiscent of one that you’d typically find on a PC, and works much in the same vein, serving as a shortcut manager, allowing users to quickly switch between apps and activities.

The shift to a work-from-anywhere mindset seems to have been the spark to seek out devices, which would further enhance productivity and utility for workers, and the Fold 4’s Flex Mode fits the bill.

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This function basically allows you to use the Galaxy Fold as a mini laptop, with it being slightly folded. The Apps that support this feature will divide automatically between the top and bottom half, opening the door to extra features such as note-taking or typing.

This demand for Galaxy Fold phones has driven the development of some very interesting features. Samsung has done its research and done its best to enable users to get more out of their smartphones, especially specialists in the financial services industry.

DocuSign is a company which enables users to do just what the name promises: sign documents. They are leaders in the worldwide field, in fact, and are reportedly utilized by some of the top companies in the world. As such, the Fold 4 will allow you to sign documents while in Flex Mode, as long as you also have an S pen.

Samsung’s research has also reported that the Bloomberg Professional app is one of the most used financial applications by traders and analysts. As such, the Fold 4 allows finance professionals to utilize both screens of the Fold 4 to either catch up with news on the go, or get detailed overviews of the latest market trends.

A collaboration with IBM allowed Samsung to optimize the mobile experience for an unnamed, but reportedly big financial institution. The results can be seen bellow, and all of the fields are both interactive and customizable. This is a testament to Samsung’s drive further improve what the Galaxy Fold 4 is capable of.

What does this mean for Samsung fans?

It means two things. First off, it means that foldables are becoming more and more mainstream, and as such, we’re likely to see the technology not only reach new heights in the next couple of years but also become more prominent across smartphones.

Second, it also means that Samsung is willing to put the work in and enhance the user experience for those users, which are impacted on a higher level by the Galaxy Fold 4, which is admirable dedication on their end.

As such, if the first statement rings true, we can expect foldables to go beyond enterprise and become adopted by other markets. If that does happen, Samsung would likely bring the same care and attention to those users too.

Each separate enhancement or optimization opens the door for a feature, which may make its way to applications and services, already available to the public. And if that happens, foldables might get a lot more exciting in the coming years.

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