The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G cameras may trickle down to future A series phones, tips Samsung

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G cameras trickling down to future A series phones, tips Samsung
After the reports that Samsung Electro-Mechanics, the subsidiary that supplies the Galaxy S and Note lines cameras, will be gracing the A-series with optical image stabilization, now comes a wackier forecast.

During its Q2 results conference call, the chief of Samsung Electro-Mechanics is now on record saying that their highest resolution cameras will make their way to Samsung's midrange A-series of phones, reports The Elec. Wait, what?

That's right, after it recently became clear that the Samsung mobile division's bread and butter are not the high-end Galaxy S or Note phones, but rather the A-series, the company is preparing to spruce those up further, and make them more attractive. Or, as Mr Bae Kwang-wook puts it:

On the way to regain the market share it lost to Huawei in Q2, when the Chinese juggernaut became the world's largest phone maker, Samsung will be equipping future upper midrange Galaxy A phones with its high-res sensors and periscope zoom lenses, it seems.

Given that the recently-announced Galaxy A71 5G already carries Samsung's 64MP sensor, there is only one option left for even higher resolutions on upcoming members of the series, and that's the 108MP camera that is in the Galaxy S20 Ultra and will be in the Note 20 Ultra, complete with the 5x optical zoom kit.

To recap, the Galaxy A 2021 models, some of which may be announced as soon as December, if history is any indication, may borrow this year's flagship Galaxy S-line or Note camera kits to increase their attractiveness and expand Samsung's market share. 

Now, does that mean that the rumor about a Galaxy S21 camera that will supposedly be the bee's knees with brand new sensors and lenses, will turn out to be credible, remains to be heard, but if the current high-res sensors and zoom lenses trickle down to the A-series, the S line may indeed switch to something even grander

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