Samsung is bringing a flagship camera feature to the Galaxy A series


Samsung's DJ Koh was on record last year, saying that he will try to mix it up in the midrange side of things and will introduce unique or flagship features there to better differentiate the A-series. It was not explicitly said, of course, but with that move he aims to stave off the onslaught of Chinese brands that are decimating everyone's midrange and encroaching on the high-end turf with value-for-money propositions.

As a result, Samsung has not only gone downmarket with their 5G-equipped phones, introducing the nascent technology to their midrange portfolios but increasinglt blurred the line between its flagship S and the A-series. 

Not only do its midrangers now have in-display fingerprint readers, glass bodies, generous RAM/storage amounts, and a big battery, but also multilens camera systems, all for competitive prices.

Samsung's A-series will get OIS cameras

There is one thing that the A line doesn't have, though, and no, it's not flagship processors or 1440p displays - those aren't expected at their price points and their added value is with diminishing returns past a certain point - but rather optical image stabilization.

That's right, believe it or not, Samsung will be equipping the future Galaxy A 2021 series with OIS cameras, something that heretofore hasn't been present even on their upper midrange echelon like the A71, A81 or A91 models. 

Korean media is reporting that optically stabilized cameras will be arriving on precisely those model numbers for the 2021 models of the Galaxy A line. It makes perfect sense from a business standpoint, as the expensive phones from the S-line aren't selling as well as before, due partly to the pandemic, partly to the market saturation and price inflection point reached in the last two years or so. 

Samsung's bestsellers are actually phones in the A-series, and bringing more flagship features to them will make the line even more attractive next year. Well, Samsung usually announced the first phones in the line in December of the previous year, so look out for optically-stabilized Galaxy A models with 5G connectivity to be making the announcement rounds for the holidays.
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