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Samsung working on a 250MP camera with sensor larger than the P40 Pro

Samsung to deliver a 250MP sensor
After boasting about the incredible goal to produce a 600MP camera sensor rivaling the definition of the human eye, Samsung is now working on a more modest but still very impressive objective to first develop a 250MP one.

Yep, 108MP sensors are so passe now that we need to climb higher on the photography detail ladder, according to a Samsung community thread report.  After the tip that Samsung is working on a large one-inch 150MP Nonacell sensor, that will bin nine pixels into one virtual for a 16MP resulting resolution, now the community member says that a 250-megger is in the pipeline, too.

Samsung Galaxy S21 may end up with 150MP or 250MP Nonacell camera

This one will allegedly also be at least one inch in size, and will apparently result in even larger camera bump on the back of whatever phone it ends up with. It would be premature to hope for 150MP or 250MP sensors in the Galaxy S21, but if the next high-end Exynos or Snapdragon have more megapixels in their graphics subsystem specs, that may very well maerialize. 

The Exynos 990 in Galaxy S20 series, for instance, maxes out at a 108MP single sensor support, and that's exactly what we found in the S20 Ultra. Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 is at 200MP single and 2x64MP dual camera support already, and the eventual Snapdragon 875 may bring the tally higher, too. 

Currently, Huawei's P40 Pro series is the one with the largest sensor on a modern phone, and Samsung may be determined to beat its rival in both pixel count and sensor size.
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