The Samsung Kids mode on Galaxy phones gets improved with One UI 4.0

The Samsung Kids mode on Galaxy phones gets improved with One UI 4.0
We have come to a point where it is second nature for children to have a smartphone in their hands and know how to use it. However, that also comes with the innate danger of addiction and overuse. Parents have all kinds of methods to tackle this problem, but phone manufacturers are also making some effort in that regard.

One such phone manufacturer is Samsung with its Samsung Kids mode, formerly known as just Kids Mode. The feature was created back in 2014 so that parents could have better visibility and control over their child’s phone usage. With the arrival of One UI 4.0, the Samsung Kids mode is more feature-rich and powerful than ever.

The new version of Samsung Kids allows parents to pick the background color and which apps will be present on the home screen. Additionally, there is the option to delete the default apps and put ones that the parent deems appropriate. If needed, content and apps can be hidden.

Parental Controls have also seen a significant improvement. Parents can now easily see how long their kid has spent on each app during the day and the last month. What’s more, there is the option to set a time goal for each day and can be different or the same throughout the week. Think of it as a sort of time budget for how long the kid can spend on the phone.

To make it more fun for the little buzzers, Samsung has made its kids mode more fun by adding augmented reality (AR) in the mix. Now there are apps like “My Art Studio” and “My AR Theater”, which serve as tools for kids to practice their creativity and imagination.

Last but not least, kids also can keep check of their activities and screen on time in the form of cards. They can even set up their usage plan. Of course, the kid would have to be older than 4 to start grasping the idea here, but it is a great way to gamify healthy smartphone habits.

To help out with all that’s new in Samsung Kids mode, Crocro’s Little Friends are there to introduce kids to everything in the platform through a new onboarding experience.

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