Samsung Health continues cutting down on features, removes fitness videos

Samsung Health continues cutting down on feature, removes fitness videos
Samsung seems to be on an odd mission to cut down on as many frills as possible in the Samsung Health app, with its latest omission being the archive of free fitness videos to help people keep an active life.

Now, technically, Samsung started cutting down on features last year, when it surprisingly got rid of weight, food, and caffeine tracking from the app, which many users were relying on. Certainly, there were better apps for it—the Fitbit app was a favorite among those who owned the fitness device, and MyFitnessPal has been a go-to as well. But that was the point when Samsung Health really ceased to be an ecosystem.

However, one of the best things about Samsung Health (and Apple Health, for that matter), is that you're able to take care of most of your fitness needs in one organized location, rather than jumping back and forth between applications.

And until now, that included following a whole bunch of workout videos on offer by Samsung Health, which many users have been enjoying to keep fit inside the home. The videos included workouts by Echelon,, 300FIT, BlessLife, Keep, and Skimble.

The change was first spotted by SamMobile, when all workout videos suddenly disappeared from Samsung Health in South Korea on Wednesday. Leaving avid users there no less than bewildered, the change will possibly be making its way to the rest of the global markets and to us eventually. Just like last year's removal of food tracking started out in Germany, but quickly spread worldwide in a universal update.

For anyone who was relying on Samsung Health for following along the free training programs on offer in their fitness section, this will definitely be a frustrating breakup of their routine. 

The South Korean user who originally reported their deletion had been enjoying Samsung Health workouts for 3 years, he said, and he was shocked to wake up one morning and find them gone. The Samsung moderator he contacted for support simply told him that the videos have been "discontinued" an that he should just go look for them on YouTube instead. 

It shouldn't too difficult of a transition for most users to move to YouTube, however, as most of the creators on Samsung Health are also highly active on YouTube anyway—and there is an essentially infinite wealth of workouts available for free there, from thousands of different creators. 

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