Treat yourself: Galaxy S20 5G with free Galaxy Buds2 from $300 with Samsung Certified Re-Newed

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Treat yourself: Galaxy S20 5G with free Galaxy Buds2 from $300 with Samsung Re-newed
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Samsung’s Galaxy S line is basically the apex predator in Android land. Great AMOLED screens that can look both punchy and realistic, incredible cameras, fat stereo speakers, and top performance. The Galaxy S flagships have reached a point where a model is good for years. Which is why it’s not insane to save yourself a ton of money and go for a slightly older Galaxy S20 5G instead of the newest out there.

Now, while it’s not easy to find a brand-new Galaxy S20 5G in the wild, Samsung has the next best thing — the Certified Re-Newed program.

What is a Samsung Certified Re-Newed phone?

Samsung’s CRN program takes trade-in devices from customers and refreshes them completely. By this, we mean:

  • Polished to like-new condition
  • Fitted with a fresh new battery
  • New IMEI number
  • Passed 132 points of quality-assurance
  • 1 year full manufacturer warranty

So, a Samsung re-newed phone will always come with a fresh battery. Also, the IMEI is changed, so that you know that the phone is uniquely yours. Samsung also ensures to polish the devices so there are no scratches or scuffs that you will usually see on second-hand phones. Basically, the CRN program puts the “New” in Re-Newed.

And now, for the holiday season, Samsung has a gift for you! Grab yourself any Galaxy S20 5G model from Samsung’s CRN store and you get a free set of the brand-new Galaxy Buds2! Just a refresher — we reviewed the Galaxy Buds2 and we thought they were excellent.

Visit the Samsung Re-Newed store here

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G from the CRN store

Certified Re-Newed Galaxy S20+ 5G

With free Galaxy Buds2

Certified Re-Newed Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

With free Galaxy Buds2
If you don’t have an old device to trade-in, the Certified Re-Newed Galaxy S20 5G series starts from $475 with the S20 FE 5G. The mainstream Galaxy S20 5G is $650 and the insane Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G with its 100x zoom is $950.

However, if you have an old phone to trade in — this is where things get interesting. Samsung will accept your old device even if it has a cracked screen. With trade-in, you can slash the price of an S20 FE 5G down to $125, and the S20 Ultra 5G all the way down to $600. So, go ahead, check out the Samsung Certified Re-Newed store and see how much credit you can get for your old device. You just might end up with a shiny new-looking Galaxy S20 5G for Christmas!

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