Samsung Galaxy Note 9 scores hefty discounts in both 128 and 512GB variants

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 scores hefty discounts in both 128 and 512GB variants
Even though it was commercially released only a few months earlier, the Galaxy Note 9 scored plenty of decent discounts on and around Black Friday from various retailers and major US carriers. Samsung's latest crown jewel was even sold alongside a massive free UHD TV for a limited time... twice. Of course, the best deals came with their fair share of special requirements and strings attached, generally including things like device payment plans (aka contracts) and bill credits.

Oddly enough, even those types of promotions essentially ground to a halt after the holidays. But fret not, bargain hunters, as top-rated eBay seller Never MSRP has your back ahead of the Galaxy S10's official announcement, with hefty discounts on both 128 and 512 gig versions of the Note 9. No catches, no strings attached, but unfortunately, no valid US warranty either.

The brand-new, "unused, unopened, and undamaged" items in their original packaging are currently available for $659.99 a pop in an "entry-level" configuration and $849.99 if you absolutely have to get all the memory and storage space in the world. That may still sound like a lot of money, especially for the upper-tier model, but then again, the Galaxy Note 9 delivers a lot of horsepower, camera prowess, stellar battery endurance, and a premium, clean design some folks are starting to regret.

Normally, the no-notch, no-hole 6.4-incher would set you back a whopping $999.99 with 128 gigs of local digital hoarding room and 6GB RAM or an outright insane $1,249 in a 512/8GB variant. Technically, the units on sale through eBay are not specifically designed for the US market. But they're factory unlocked and fully compatible with GSM networks nationwide, including AT&T and T-Mobile. 

You don't have to worry about shipping costs or sales tax in most states, and you can even return the phone within 30 days of your purchase in exchange for a full refund if you change your mind for any reason. At the time of this writing, the heavily marked-down Galaxy Note 9 is available in black, blue, and purple hues with 128GB storage, but only in Ocean Blue as far as the 512 gig version is concerned.

Check out the 128GB and 512GB Galaxy Note 9 deals

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