The Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite isn't happening anytime soon

The Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite isn't happening anytime soon
The Samsung Galaxy Fold

Rumors of a cheaper Samsung foldable based on the original Galaxy Fold have been floating around for several months. Unfortunately, that information was wrongly interpreted and the latest news may come as a disappointment. 

The Galaxy Fold Lite info was misinterpreted

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Lite was reportedly scheduled for release next quarter with a starting price of around $900 in the United States. It sounds too good to be true when the associated costs are considered, and that’s because it is.

Samsung has attached SM-FXXXX model numbers to previous foldables including the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. The so-called budget foldable is referred to as SM-F415F in firmware, which lines up perfectly with usual practices. 

But as SamMobile has now stated, that alone doesn't paint the complete picture – the device under development is actually the complete opposite of a foldable.

As hinted at by a recent Wi-Fi Alliance listing and corroborated by SamMobile, the mysterious SM-F415F is actually the Galaxy M31 that Samsung launched earlier this year in India and other developing markets.

That smartphone is typically attached to the SM-M315F model number, but for some unknown reason Samsung India recently started developing firmware for the product under the model number SM-F415F. 

All of the associated Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite specs that have previously been spotted line up perfectly with what's offered by that budget smartphone. Therefore, it's now clear that there is no Galaxy Fold Lite in the works.

Cheaper Samsung foldables are bound to arrive sooner or later, but for the time being it seems the South Korean company’s focus is on premium models such as the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which will hit shelves next week.

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