Pokemon Quest is now out on Android and iOS

Pokemon Quest is also out on Nintendo Switch and allows for cross-saving between platforms

Nintendo's days of unwillingness to acknowledge smartphones as a viable gaming platform are long behind the company's back. After a number of wildly successful and derivative mobile spin-offs of popular franchises, Nintendo has finally brought a Pokemon RPG to Android and iOS, and it's free. But before you start jumping in excitement upon reading "RPG", keep in mind that it is not quite like the traditional Pokemon RPG games that we've become to love over the years.

Announced late last month, Pokemon Quest is now available on both Android and iOS. No iOS timed exclusivity like with Super Mario Run this time around. 

Fans of the series will be instantly familiar with the premise — you choose your pocket monster and start exploring an island — but the setup is different this time around. Sure, the roster of critters is familiar (straight out of classic Red and Blue) but everything looks boxy and Minecraft-y. It's almost as though the sprites from the original Gameboy games were taken, simplified even further, and then brought to 3D. It's actually not a bad aesthetic for a mobile game, and one that ensures it would look and perform well on almost any phone out there.

But aside from the brand new visuals, Pokemon veterans will quickly notice that the gameplay is also quite different from that of the traditional RPG games. Each Pokemon has a unique attack and HP stat, but the traditional battle system is nowhere to be found.

If you want to check out Pokemon Quest for yourself, you can now get it on both Android and iOS.

Download Pokemon Quest:

Android  |  iOS


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