Get iPad wireless charging with Pitaka's excellent PitaFlow series

Get iPad wireless charging with Pitaka's excellent PitaFlow series
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Pitaka is a manufacturer, well-known for its aramid fiber cases for mobile devices — thin, minimalistic, yet durable and stylish, with extra grip and resistance.

But the company isn’t just about to stop there. Now that it has the formula for a solid case down — what’s next? Well, it’s time to combine these cases in ways that unlock unprecedented workflows and experiences.

Pitaka has just introduced the new line of PitaFlow accessories for the iPad Pro. These are a collection of cases, stands, and wireless chargers, that make it super-easy to switch your iPad’s setup and positioning, depending on what you currently need. And yes, you read that right — with PitaFlow, you can add wireless charging to your iPad Pro!

Explore PitaFlow portfolio here:

Let’s start with that. Presenting:

Pitaka MagEZ Case Pro

The MagEZ Case Pro is a stylish shell of plastic and aramid that wraps itself around your iPad Pro, making it grippier and adding some protection. The Pro version of the case, specifically, also has a USB C plug on the bottom, which is mounted to a flap — you can easily unplug it when you need the port, without having to remove the entire case.

This is because this case has strong magnetic connectors on its back, with wires running straight to that USB plug. This allows the iPad to be attached to a MagEZ charging stand or the special PitaFlow charger — it works similarly to how MagSafe pucks work on iPhones. The magnets are strong and hold your iPad in place as it’s getting its juice.

You will also notice that the MagEZ Case has three dots where the Apple Smart Connector is — this is because the case is fully compatible with any other accessories you wish to use your iPad Pro in conjunction with. If you want to plop it on your Magic Keyboard to get some work done — you don’t need to worry about removing the case first, it fits right between. If you want to attach an Apple pencil on the top of the tablet — there’s a thinned-out slot that will allow it to stick and charge.

Since we already mentioned it, here’s the other big part of the PitaFlow ecosystem:

Pitaka MagEZ Charging Stand

Thanks to the strong magnets both in the MagEZ Case Pro and on the Charging Stand, you can safely and securely attach your iPad and rotate it to any angle that is convenient. Landscape or horizontal, with a tilt from -5° to 32.5°, it’s the perfect spot to put your tablet whether it’s time to do some work, enjoy some videos, or just leave it to charge.

A wireless keyboard and mouse in front of the stand will easily make this a makeshift computer spot for students and writers. Or just use the stand’s height to transform the iPad into a second monitor for your Mac.

The Charging Stand’s base also has a Qi charging pad, meaning you can plop your phone or earbuds case there as well, topping up your batteries as you are enjoying content on the iPad.

Pitaka PitaFlow charger and MagEZ folio

Other small but useful additions to the collection — the PitaFlow charger is just a magnetic puck that can attach to the MagEZ Case Pro and wirelessly charge your iPad when you are away from the stand.

The MagEZ folio is in the design of the typical iPad flap cover — with the familiar tri-folding flap and magnetic attachment. As with all other accessories in the PitaFlow portfolio, this is made with high-quality materials that feel great to the touch and also has magnets aligned inside to make sure that you can use it with the MagEZ Case Pro and the wireless chargers without bothering to remove the folio.

Pitaka FlipBook Case

The iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard is awesome — it feels great, it works great, and it makes the right step towards the tablet / laptop hybrid experience. But, for someone who often moves around during the workday, it’s a hassle to carry this thing around.

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The Pitaka FlipBook Case transforms the Magic Keyboard into a stylish, useful little case. Since it literally attaches to the keyboard, this means you don’t need to bother with putting your iPad inside and out of a case, bag, or backpack every time. You literally just sit down, open up the FlipBook with the Magic Keyboard inside, and you are ready to work.

The handles are magnetic and will snap together as soon as you close the Keyboard, ready to be carried. There’s a small, useful pocket on the side — drop your phone, Apple Pencil, or other small things of daily need in there. And you are ready to travel light on that digital nomad journey!

Attaching the FlipBook Case to your Magic Keyboard is not a permanent action, too — it uses special PU gel pads to stick to the Keyboard, but they do not leave any residue if you should choose to remove it at some point. You can actually change your mind up to 100 times — the gel pads tested to be reusable for up to 100 attachings, and even 50 more can be added if you rinse them with water afterwards.

If you like what the MagEZ Cases offer you but would rather have an option without the wireless charging, you can check out the:

They offer the same strong magnetic connection and exceptional rotation options for the stand, but without wireless charging (and your USB C port is free to use).

Explore PitaFlow portfolio here:

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