Google accidentally reveals new icon and name for a key Android app

Google accidentally reveals new icon and name for a key Android app
Over the last few weeks, Google has been making changes to the icons for its apps like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and more. Google added more of the company's traditional colors (blue, red, yellow, and green) to the icons belonging to its apps. Now, an eagle-eyed Reddit user (via 9to5Mac) has spotted what seemingly will be the new icon and name of the app currently known as Phone by Google. The leaked icon and name were spotted in an ad found on YouTube.

Based on the ad, the new name of the app will be Google Call and the icon resembles the illustration of a on the new Google Voice icon. One major difference is that the illustration of the landline ear and mouthpiece is done up in Google's four colors. Note that the new name and icon are not yet in use in the Google Play Store and when the change will be made is anybody's guess. The current icon shows a landline hand and mouthpiece in white against a blue background.

The ad that leaked the new name and logo for what is now Phone by Google highlights the app's "reliable" caller ID that Google says  "lets you answer with confidence." Google has been adding new features to the mundane app including Hold for Me. This feature comes into play when you're placed on hold after dialing a toll-free number. you will see a prompt that reads "Don’t hang up" prompt with the option to "Return to call" always available. When a real live person starts talking, the phone will ring and vibrate alerting you that the call is no longer on hold. A transcription at the bottom of the screen keep tabs on what is being said while you are on hold. As Google states, the Google Duplex technology used to drive Hold for Me "not only recognizes hold music but also understands the difference between a recorded message (like 'Hello, thank you for waiting') and a representative on the line."

Hold for Me is the typical new Android feature that Google adds to its mobile OS to make to help with the little things in life that can be a big pain in the butt. We probably all agree that waiting on hold is generally as much fun as hammering a nail through your skull.

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