Peacock is once again raising its subscription prices, this time ahead of the Olympics

Peacock once again raising its subscription prices, this time ahead of the Olympics
Nowadays, you can't move an inch without hearing of a streaming service either making changes to your plan, introducing ads, or worse — implementing a price hike. Now, NBCUniversal has announced that its streaming platform Peacock is raising its subscription prices, just as streaming costs continue to increase across the board.

Starting July 18 the monthly price for Peacock's plans will go up by $2 across the board. This means, for new customers, the ad-supported Premium tier will rise to $7.99 and the ad-free Premium Plus tier will go up to $13.99 a month. Existing customers will also see this price change reflected in their bills starting August 17., and yearly plans will cost $79.99 (Premium) and $139.99 (Premium Plus).

This change highlights a shift in NBCUniversal's strategy for Peacock. When the service was launched in 2020, it aimed to attract users with lower prices and even a free tier. But decisions like eliminating that free tier and steadily raising prices mean the company likely wants to make the platform more profitable.

Interestingly, the price hike will go into effect just before the start of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris on July 26. Peacock will be offering extensive coverage of the games, complete with live broadcasts, replays, and original commentary. The company could be hoping to take advantage of the increased interest in streaming during the major sports event.

Source: NBC Universal

Unfortunately, Peacock isn't the only service getting more expensive. Recently, numerous streaming platforms, including giants like Disney Plus and Netflix, have been increasing subscription fees. Others, like Amazon Prime, have introduced ads to their once ad-free service and asked for a fee to remove said ads.

As prices climb, many people might consider the growing list of free streaming services that are available as alternatives and make some decisions about what is worth keeping. Between rising streaming costs and internet plan prices likely going up once the ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program) runs out of money, Americans will soon be facing some tough choices when it comes to entertainment.

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