Creaseless Oppo Find N2 foldable previewed strutting a quirky cover screen

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Oppo Find N2 flip phone with foldable display appears on video
Since in our Oppo Find N review we found it to be the most well thought-out and balanced phone of the vertical folding type with bendable display, we were very intrigued when we heard that Oppo is preparing to launch a Find N2 sequel, but of the horizontal folding type, or the so-called clamshell or flip phone design.

Lo and behold, the tentatively named Oppo Find N2 (although why would Oppo call that its flip foldable instead of the successor of the original, is beyond us) has now leaked live in its full glory in the hands-on video below.

As you can see, the phone is tucked in a thick case of sorts, or maybe that's an engineering prototype camouflage, but given how manageable and elegant the Oppo Find N is compared to other foldable phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, we'd wager to guess that the Find N2 will be very slim and light, too.


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The most immediately obvious take from this brief hands-on experience here is that the Find N2 clamshell will have a comparatively large external display that won't only be good for viewing date/time, or notifications like on the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

It looks positively gigantic, and, in fact, its diagonal may be longer than the 3-inch cover display of the Motorola Razr 3, so far the largest external panel on a clamshell with a bendy display inside. It's just that Oppo has chosen the more practical vertical alignment for the screen, rather than the horizontal spread of the Razr 3, occupying all of the available space on the back that is not taken by the two big cameras there. 

Their size supposes using Oppo's 50MP sensors and the lens openings hint that we may be looking at a main camera and an ultrawide camera, rather than a telephoto one. Last but not least, the large internal display crease over the hinge is near invisible, like on the OG Find N, a feat which Oppo excels in before Samsung's own foldables. As to the Oppo Find N2 announcement and release date, rumor has it that those will happen as soon as this month, so stay tune for our thorough review of what may turn out to be the best flip phone with flexible OLED display so far.

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