Opera Touch is now available on iOS and is one of the best alternatives to Safari

Opera Touch is now available on iOS and is one of the best alternatives to Safari
Opera's Touch browser was first launched on Android back in April, with a promise for iOS release in the coming months. Opera Touch was released for iPhone and iPad this week and is currently one of the sleekest, most convenient alternatives to Safari.

The browser was designed with one-handed use and gesture-based UIs in mind. A floating "Fast Action" button at the bottom of the screen allows for a quick and easy access to radial menu where you can switch between tabs, do quick searches, and navigate web pages by simply swiping. As such, Opera's new browser is particularly well-suited for the iPhone XS Max, XS, and XR, none of which have a physical home buttons.

Other than its sleek UI design, the browser also boasts use of Opera's "Flow" technology, which lets users transfer links, images and notes from their phone to an Opera browser on their computer.

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1. gamehead unregistered

I'll stick with chrome.

2. Vokilam

Posts: 1368; Member since: Mar 15, 2018

Um. In iOS when it comes to default apps - there’s no alternatives. I’m not complaint on safari - it’s an awesome and very well integrated Browser. You can even sync your favorites and history with chrome or edge on PC (not just mac) if you want - which is great because I never owned a Mac nor plan to. But for those that do own the Mac the integration is even better. But in all fairness it sucks to even try an alternative browser on iOS when you can’t default to it. Either Apple needs to find a workaround the patents for allowing to set default apps or get their heads out of there ass and give me some options in this matter.

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