OnePlus patent shows dedication to hiding smartphone cameras. But not with electrochromic glass

OnePlus patent shows dedication to hiding smartphone cameras. But not with electrochromic glass
Earlier this year, OnePlus showcased a concept phone with an entirely new electrochromic glass cover for its camera lens. The material has the ability to be completely opaque when not needed, but become transparent as soon as the user opens the camera app.

OnePlus has expressed a belief that concealed lenses are the future of smartphones and has committed to developing the concept further. A new patent (thanks, LetsGoDigital) granted to the company shows the various ways this can go through.

The patent has been filed way back in H1 of 2019 and recently approved and published. It shows different variants of a device that has an invisible selfie camera — one that is hidden under the screen with no need for a notch or punch hole — and a concealed main camera module.

It’s worthy to note that the main module does not use an electrochromic glass. No, that’s a bit too expensive. Instead, OnePlus is brainstorming the use of a mechanical plastic cover.

Just like in regular cameras, the phone will have a flap covering the lenses and the glass, keeping them safe from dust, debris, and bumps. Whenever the user opens the camera app, the flaps would open with what we can only imagine is a satisfying click.

This would have a couple of benefits over the electrochromic variant. For one, it’s not going to be crazy expensive. And second, it’ll have a protective quality, whereas an electrochromic glass can still get scratched.

It’s unknown whether or not OnePlus is in a rush to implement this in the OnePlus 8 smartphone, which should be coming out within the next few months. But we have our fingers crossed that the Pro variant might surprise us.


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