Buggy OnePlus Media Storage app can take up over 100 GB

Buggy OnePlus Media Storage app can take up over 100 GB
If you happen to be the proud owner of any of the OnePlus 9 models (namely, the OnePlus 9 or OnePlus 9 Pro), then you should be aware of a certain bug that has been discovered with one of the flagships' native apps.

One of the several enticing features of these two newly released smartphones is the hulking storage space, boasting an upper limit of 256 GB for the higher models. 

That sweet hard disk space may be being compromised by the native Media Storage application that comes with your OnePlus phone, however, as Android Police reports. If you've noticed your available free space getting suspiciously low, even after cleaning out the clutter on your device, you'd do well to look into it. 

Several people have already taken to the Internet (particularly Twitter, Reddit, and OnePlus forums) to report their discovery that Media Storage is inexplicably taking up over 100 GB of space. 

Artem Russakovskii is one of them, reporting on Twitter that even after the routine Google Photos cleanup—which promised to free up over 100 GB—his OnePlus 9 still showed up as chock-full of unspecified clutter. Rebooting the phone didn't change anything, either.

Because the Media Storage app doesn't seem able to specify what exactly is taking up these monstrous chunks of space, one theory is that the numbers are simply wrongly represented, with the app getting stuck on a previous number and not reflecting your phone's current capacity.

Even if that's the case, the phones' performance is also being tangibly affected by that number displaying used-up storage space, even if it isn't technically real. That's because once the space finally shows up as free on the app, the phones saw a substantial improvement in performance.

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From what's been seen so far, it seems this strange bug is linked to issues with the OnePlus Gallery. People experiencing the problem can try emptying the Gallery's "Recently Deleted" folder, even after doing the routine cleanup through the Media Storage app. It isn't a guaranteed fix, but apparently it has worked for some. 

There has been no word from OnePlus yet, but they must surely be working on a solution already, as it's highly unlikely they haven't noticed the complaints on their forums, as well as on other social media. 

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