nDrive is the first data-free navigation solution for webOS 2.0

nDrive is the first data-free navigation solution for webOS 2.0
There are many GPS solutions for your mobile device. There are carrier-specific ones, like VZ Navigator, or the free Google Maps Navigation for Android devices. But, until last week, webOS 2.0 has lacked a data-less solution. The 'nDrive' data-less solution is good because it stores all the maps on your device, so you only need GPS signal to receive route guidance.

If you've ever used data-derived GPS on your device, you know that the data connection can sometimes wane, and you're left wondering what to do next. But a data-less solution doesn't have that problem. When you are connected to your network, 'nDrive' offers weather alerts, route sharing, and support for Facebook Places and Foursquare.

Also, you can take the 'nDrive' GPS solution with you internationally, without needing to purchase data service. But international maps will cost you extra, above the already daunting US$49 pricetag. But if this is in lieu of a standalone unit, you're still getting a pretty good deal.

So what are the disadvantages? For one thing, 'nDrive' allows favorites, but it won't let you search directly from your contacts application. Secondly, the U.S. map alone takes up 2.3GB. And finally, additional maps are expensive, e.g. the Mexico map costs US$37.

source: PreCentral

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