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Amazon, Motorola, and Best Buy are all offering $30 discounts on the new Moto G7

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Amazon, Motorola, and Best Buy are all offering $30 discounts on the new Moto G7
Moto G-series devices have been topping the wishlists of bargain hunters stateside for several years now, but while the G7 Play is slated to come soon at a killer price of $200, the "regular" Moto G7 starts at 300 bucks, which isn't exactly crazy affordable. Of course, if you're unwilling to pay $50 more than the list price of an entry-level G6 configuration back in the day, you can always rely on Best Buy and Google Fi to offer decent outright savings... with certain strings attached.

At the same time, Motorola, B&H Photo Video, and Amazon have their own deal sweeteners in place for early adopters of the unlocked Moto G7. On Amazon, Prime members get a cool $30 off their orders for a special variant of the mid-range 6.2-inch handset pre-installed with a "selection" of the e-commerce giant's proprietary apps and services, including Amazon Shopping, Amazon Music, and Alexa. This also means you can interact with Amazon's virtual assistant out of the box using just your voice.
If you don't like third-party "bloatware", both the phone's manufacturer and B&H Photo Video are throwing in free $30 digital coupons with purchases of black or white G7 models supporting all major wireless service providers (yes, even Sprint and Verizon). Naturally, Motorola's gift card can be used on its own website and nowhere else (until December 31, 2019), while B&H's voucher is valid only at B&H for future online shopping sessions. The third-party retailer does not mention an expiration date for this sweet launch deal, with Motorola in turn clearly specifying the freebie is available through March 30.

Before concluding the Moto G7 is still not as attractive as its forerunner a year or so ago, you may want to keep in mind the entry-level G6 variant's 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage have been upgraded to 4 and 64 gigs respectively. Obviously, the newer phone also comes with a newer and faster Snapdragon 632 processor, as well as a larger, trendier screen with a notch, and improved dual rear-facing cameras. All things considered, the quality/price ratio looks pretty great, at least at first glance.

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