Cool MagSafe chargers: check out the Momax transparent series

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Cool MagSafe chargers: check out the Momax transparent series
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When Apple announced the new MagSafe connectivity for its iPhones, it made it a point to show us the shape of the magnet array in the presentation. And official MagSafe cases have this outline that instantly shows us “Yup, there’s magnets in there”. But we never get to see… what exactly is in there.

Well, check out the MagSafe chargers by Momax! A new series of transparent powerbanks and wireless chargers shows you all the nuts and bolts of the devices — their entire inner workings laid bare. Not only do they look cool, they are high-quality products as well. Let’s explore them a bit!

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Momax powerbank stands

Momax IP108, USB-C, MagSafe power bank

Use code PHONEARENA10 . With 5,000 mAh capacity, charge your iPhone via the MagSafe connector. USB Type-C port on the side can output power to another device. With integrated kickstand.

Momax IP105, Lightning, MagSafe power bank

Use code PHONEARENA10 . This 5,000 mAh bank can be charged with your iPhone's cable thanks to its Lightning port. Features MagSafe magnet array and kickstand.

These magnetic powerbanks will stick to the back of your iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 thanks to their array of strong magnets, and provide optimal charging due to the perfect alignment allowed by MagSafe. They also have a flap that unfolds to transform them into a kickstand — charge while enjoying your favorite YouTube playlists.

They are transparent, giving us a glimpse at what makes a powerbank tick — turns out it’s more complicated than one would think!

Both powerbanks feel compact and light, yet they pack 5,000 mAh cells inside. All of those chips and circuits you see through the transparent case provide protection against overheating, overcharge, short-circuits.

The difference between the two products here is that one can be charged by a Lightning cable — so you can just use the cable you got with your iPhone — and the other has a USB C port instead. The latter can output charge through that USB C port, acting like a regular powerbank if you don’t want to use the wireless function. So, it’s much more universal.

Momax magnetic wireless charger

Magnetic MagSafe puck, 4 ft cable, lightweight

Use code PHONEARENA10 . Stylish transparent MagSafe puck with strong magnets and 4 ft (120 cm) long, braided cable.

This is an alternative to your regular MagSafe charging puck. This one just looks… cooler, techier, definitely different. Again, a fully transparent front lets you see the magnets and the coil that charges the iPhone. It sticks pretty well to the iPhone, too, and can go through a regular case with no issue.

The charger has a nice-feeling braided cable that ends with a USB C plug. It’s 4 feet (120 cm) in length, so it feels like it can work in most desk setup scenarios.

Momax magnetic wireless car charger

Magnetic MagSafe car charger

Use code PHONEARENA10 . Airvent clamp with additional buckle for stable fixture. Power switch on the side lets you engage or disable the wireless charging. USB C port.

An air vent mount that can magnetically hold your iPhone via the MagSafe connection. Plug a USB C cable into it and it will offer charging.

Conveniently, the Momax car charger has a power switch on its side, so you can easily turn it off when you don’t want to overcharge your iPhone. You don’t need to worry about unplugging the cable — just arrange your setup and cable management once, and use the power switch from then on.

The air vent mount claw is assisted by an additional buckle on the bottom, which provides extra stability. The strong magnets make sure your iPhone is held in place — just make sure you are using a MagSafe-compatible case!

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