Latest iOS and macOS betas take a few steps back with Safari design

Latest iOS and macOS betas take a few steps back with Safari design
In June, Apple announced a redesigned Safari. Soon after, the company released the first developer betas for iOS 15 and macOS Monterey with the new version of the browser. However, while some enjoyed the new design layout, others were not big fans, pushing the new look of Safari on the controversial side.

Safari on iOS15

It looks like the Cupertino-based tech giant has taken note of some people’s complaints and released a Safari update with the latest beta versions of both operating systems. The search bar remains at the bottom of the screen, but will not go to the top once selected.

Moreover, you now have the option to reload a page from the pop-up menu you get when long-pressing on the search bar. The bar is also more compact and can now show you information for Safari Reader and extensions.

Safari on macOS Monterey

Due to the complaints mentioned earlier, Apple has taken a step back (kind of) and has returned the old look for tabs and the URL bar. With the third beta, the tabs are now separated from each other and placed below the URL bar, exactly where you’d expect them when using a browser.

However, this is not to say the company has completely moved away from its initial vision for the new Safari. As 9to5Mac notes, you have the freedom to choose whether you want to stick with the version from the first two betas or have the old school/new layout. All you need to do is go to Safari, click on the View tab at the top left, and turn off the ‘Show Separate Tab Bar’ option.

Apple has done the rare and right thing here, giving macOS users the option to choose based on their preference, rather than force them on either. As for the browser’s version on iOS, for now, it looks like it’s only getting better. What are your thoughts, or do you think the changes are too incremental to have any?

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