Bug in iOS causes iPhone users to freak out, panic, and feel weird with constant requests for Apple ID passwords

Bug in iOS causes iPhone users to freak, panic, and feel weird with requests for Apple ID passwords
Some iPhone users are having issues with iOS. On Twitter, people are posting that they are being asked to type in their Apple ID password constantly. For example, one Twitter subscriber with the handle "Andreu." (via 9to5Mac) writes, "So why does my Apple ID randomly ask me to enter my password I don’t think that’s normal." And that led other Twitter users to complain that the same thing is happening to them. One posted "...same here wtf."

Over at Reddit, iPhone users had similar problems to report. One Redditor who goes by the name "twentyskulls" wrote about having to sign in using his Apple ID. "Randomly popped up as a notification on my phone, I signed in, and then changed my password. Kinda freaked me out," he posted. Reddit subscriber "TomatoBill" said, "Two devices/different Apple IDs within ten minutes just got it. Felt very weird."

If you notice, the reaction that most iPhone users mention isn't one of aggravation at having to repeatedly type in their Apple ID. Instead, they say that they are freaked out, or feel weird about the whole thing. One iPhone user even admitted to panicking when the random sign-in prompt kept popping up. Redditor NebulousLotus wrote, "I panicked so bad when it happened to me about the same time as the OP (original poster). Went to update my phone and see if that was the issue and it appears to be stuck."

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"Yeah I got it too and when I put in the password it said that it could not connect to the server or something like that. Freaked me out a bit," wrote "charliegr3y1" on Reddit. So between posts about freakouts, panic attacks, and weird feelings, there was one suggestion from an iPhone user. This person had the random prompts appear on his handset last night so he decided to restart his iPhone. After he did that, the random prompts never returned.

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If you are still being asked to sign in with your Apple ID password constantly, you might want to turn your iPhone off and reboot it. After all, you've got nothing to lose by doing this. Another suggestion is to change your Apple ID password. The video that accompanies this article from Apple Support explains how you can do this.

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