Instagram's new Layout feature lets you upload multiple photos in a Story

Instagram's new Layout feature lets you upload multiple photos in a Story
Instagram is finally bringing a long-overdue feature to its social network app – the ability to add multiple photos to a single Story post. Previously, this was only possible by copy and pasting a picture from the gallery in a text box, or use a third-party editing app.

Thankfully, starting this week, Instagram confirmed that a new feature called Layout will allow users to capture and share multiple photos in a Story. Instagram has its own separate Layout app that allows users to upload multiple pictures to a Story, which is probably why the company decided to use the same name for the new feature.

Strangely, Instagram launched a dedicated app that would let you add multiple pictures to a Story rather than implementing the feature directly into Instagram. It's even weirder that it took so long to add such a simple, yet useful, feature to the app.

The good news is starting today, Instagram Stories has gained the Layout feature directly into the camera, so you can capture pictures and add them to your Story in just a few steps. Of course, you are limited to the layouts offered by Instagram, but it's better than nothing.


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