iPhone vs Android: How often do Apple users switch?

iPhone vs Android: How often do Apple users switch?
At this point, it is hardly a secret that Apple enjoys an almost cult-like following amongst many of its consumers. For better or worse, the Cupertino company simply knows how to draw users in and keep them in its hold for the long run.

But just how loyal are Apple users to their iPhones? More interestingly, how does said loyalty compare to the one on the Android side of the market? These were just some of the questions addressed by the recent survey carried out by CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners).

The results, first covered by AppleInsider in a dedicated article, indicate that 94% of iPhone users stick to Apple when replacing their smartphones. If that number seems high, it should be noted that the figure is comparable to the one given for Android users. In reality, some 91% of Android users opt for Android smartphones when choosing a new handset.

In short, consumers tend to stick to what they know and platform loyalty is more prevalent amongst Apple users, but not necessarily unique to them. Less than 10% of consumers are willing to change from iOS to Android and vice versa when buying a new smartphone.

Another interesting finding that the survey brings to light is the fact that Apple smartphones are somewhat better at drawing in new consumers than their Android counterparts. According to the results, 14% of iPhone users previously owned an Android. In comparison, only 4% of Android users came from an iPhone.

These numbers do not reveal anything groundbreaking per se but they offer some food for thought. One reason why the findings should not be analyzed in a vacuum is the fact that the term ‘Android’ is too wide a category and encompasses a range of different devices. And while this survey hardly settles the decade-long ‘iPhone vs Android’ debate, it showcases just how difficult the latter is to assess

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