iPhone camera lands Steve Jobs posthumous induction into International Photography Hall of Fame

iPhone camera lands Steve Jobs posthumous induction into International Photography Hall of Fame
Late Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been inducted into the International Photography Hall of Fame in recognition of his contribution to photography by bringing the iPhone to the world. The facility's press release describes Jobs as "passionate about photography" and the iPhone as "his most profound contribution to the artistic community" - one that's "changed the art and industry around it" in less than a decade.

In addition to working hard on improving the smartphone's camera hardware and software quality every year, Apple has brought free, user-friendly photo editing and sharing tools to Mac and iPhone owners, facilitating the democratization of the art.

Meanwhile, Apple keeps making the iPhone a better camera. This year, it's going to introduce a dual camera setup to one of the handsets in the iPhone 7 line-up. Having two camera units in place of one offers interesting possibilities for users, depending on how they are configured. We have seen implementations that allow for wide-angle shots, lens blur and re-focus, among other tricks.

Allegedly, Apple has developed a method for optical zoom on smartphones using a dual camera system, and the invention could make its debut in the iPhone 7 line-up.



1. Feanor

Posts: 1410; Member since: Jun 20, 2012

Nooo! Sorry but here I have to protest. When the original iPhone appeared, it's camera was an absolutely basic, terrible module. There were so much more dedicated smartphones e.g. from Nokia and Sony Ericsson back then with seriously better cameras than the iPhone. If the iPhone became fast the most used camera in the world, it was because of its popularity (for reasons unrelated to its photographic capabilities). You cannot award a device for its photographic capabilities just because it's selling well for its non photographic attributes.

3. TerryTerius unregistered

I don't think they are arguing that the iPhone has the best camera or that they were the first, but that the iPhone has contributed most heavily to the art world. The reality of actual camera performance isn't the point, in this case. I think this is more about quantity then quality. As far as smart phones go, i'm unaware of a product line that has outsold the iPhone. If we are talking about the evolution of camera performance for smart phones and who has made the most important technological breakthroughs overtime, that is a different conversation altogether. In other words, he is not getting an award for the quality of the iPhone's pictures. But for his role in expanding the art community. I don't really think there's anything wrong with that. But I do hope that other important figures get their recognition as well. One doesn't have to take away from the other, it is not either or.

4. yann

Posts: 614; Member since: Jul 15, 2010

Not right. Even before Apple, every flagship - Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung was with camera and software on it to edit improve photos. iPhone camera get decent level after iPhone 4 and get in top 5 after iPhone 6 plus. Even my old Nokia 808 with single core CPU can deliver better photos than iPhone 6 and had a lot software for it to edit photos etc. Thnks to Microsoft, now Apple are better than Nokia, but not better than Samsung. And at the end of this year we will see new Nokia phones. If someone deserve hall of fame for phone photography - that is Nokia, not Steve Jobs.

6. TerryTerius unregistered

Again, I'm 99% sure this is about quantity of photos not quality overall or technical advancement. You're making a point I already rebutted. If we are talking about the modern era of photo sharing, whether that is dedicated photography communities like Flickr or Instagram and Facebook, as far as any singular product line goes iPhones would take the bulk of that. In terms of sheer amount of pictures taken over time by products made by any given company, I honestly don't know who that goes to. I'm assuming that is somewhere between Nokia, Samsung and Apple. And improvements and advancements are spread across a cumulative effort by companies over time. In any case, I never tried to argue that the iPhone camera was any better than anything else on the market. Merely that it seems to me they are basing this award off of shareable art that has propagated throughout the Internet or high-profile projects that have been done. And I honestly can't think of another company that has a greater volume of those than Apple.

8. yann

Posts: 614; Member since: Jul 15, 2010

Quantity of photos would grow in time with or without Apple. After implementation of camera on phones done by Nokia, Samsung, Sony etc. the amount of pictures shot and shared grew every year. Even without Apple the amount will grow. Not to mention limited sharing capabilities of first 3-4 iPhone generations.

9. kiko007

Posts: 7520; Member since: Feb 17, 2016

Jesus.....he just explained that isn't the point. How many times do you need to read the same thing to comprehend it?

10. TerryTerius unregistered

They pretty explicitly talked about the art community. I'm sure they are not counting selfie's, family pictures or vacation photos. They are likely talking about professional and amateur photography in all its various forms. What would have theoretically happened with or without Apple is really not relevant. Like I said, as far as I am aware I've mostly seen projects done like that attributed to the iPhone. They are some for Lumia devices, Sony, and many for Samsung, but for the most part I've seen those kind of projects done on iPhones. Anecdotal, but as far as I'm aware there is not a real way to measure that. But really, without knowing exactly what metric they are using this is pure conjecture. I could be right, or we could both be wrong. There is literally no way to know. Let's just agree to disagree. Enjoy your day though.

20. Unordinary unregistered

Just go look at Flickr statistics on most used cameras. Bye.

16. darkkjedii

Posts: 31529; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Well they just awarded it. If you don't like it, do your own awards ceremony.

2. TerryTerius unregistered

You know, I'm going to place a bet that nothing positive is going to come out of this comment section. That said... On one hand I guess that award would be technically right because a lot of art has been created with iPhones and they are supposedly the most widely used cameras in the world. But it kind of feels like Apple is getting credit for the advent of mobile photography in general. I'm not sure if they are measuring by volume of pictures taken or by prevalence of high profile photography. If it's the latter, I suppose Apple would have a significant advantage over their competitors. If it's the former, then they should really be celebrating all phone manufacturers. Or at the very least the credit would go towards Samsung & Sharp for being the first to create cameraphones. The iPhone may be the most popular camera in the world, but there's a difference between popularizing something and being the cause of its creation. But I think they're just saying that Steve Jobs indirectly contributed heavily to the art world through the creation of the iPhone. That is ultimately true. I just hope that recognition doesn't come at the expense of not giving credit to the other companies and visionaries that have helped mobile photography become what it is today. But I'm sure there are a lot of people will swear up-and-down that Steve deserves no credit for his role in the overall landscape of how photography has evolved. And frankly, I disagree with them.

5. Feanor

Posts: 1410; Member since: Jun 20, 2012

Very good argumentation, but ultimately it sounds to me that Steve Jobs is getting credit for a coincidental fact. That's all.

7. TerryTerius unregistered

I could be totally wrong, of course. That's just my take. You may be right.

19. AmashAziz

Posts: 2934; Member since: Jun 30, 2014

TerryTerius you are the kind of person who writes very long comments that actually make sense. I am of that type too. And I always try to write long (where needed) comments and replies that are sensible and teach something good. Have given many people this advice to write thoughtfully but only a few oblige to this. I won't backbite but give an example of a person who mostly writes extremely long and tough to read replies which donot make much sense. Due to this many people make fun of him. His name is 'Techiexp1969'. I have asked him to be humane but he never listens. So I am glad that there are effective people like you here. Want to see more of your kind instead of the bunnies and trolls lurking about everywhere; as in this section like you already said. I hope you really are what you seem to be and not just a sensible person in one single comment, coz I haven't seen you before.

11. Charlie2k

Posts: 151; Member since: Jan 11, 2016

Haha... iPhonearena took the bait - and even made it even worse by giving it recognition. First of all... it's not as big award as the article indicates. It's just a random little american foundation with a random little museum in the small city St. Louis (with about 300 000 citizens). The museum want to make headlines in the press to attract visitors to their 50 years Anniversary-exhibition. So they give Steve Jobs an award... a person that always get's mentioned in the press if the message could be used for positive marketing for Apple. They didn't motivate well why he should get an award. They couldn't. So yes, it most certain was very far fetched giving it to Steve. We all know the iPhone have never been the best camera and that it always have been way behind the competition - no matter what aspect you measure by. So yes, this article is silly and should be removed. 97% of the people that has been recognized by the foundation is american and a few british. Sadly for us in the rest of the world we have done nothing to contribute to the photo-community ;)

12. kiko007

Posts: 7520; Member since: Feb 17, 2016

You wrote all that........just to express your butthurt about an award you say doesn't matter. Sure, that's rational..... kinda.

13. TerryTerius unregistered

I'm not gonna lie, although there are plenty of valid ways to discuss who has contributed to mobile photography over the years. I do think it's really weird you would say because you disagree with this article it should be taken down. It is not an either or. All of the companies and individuals who have contributed to photography overtime in significant ways can and SHOULD be recognized. We likely all agree to that. But I don't understand why that should come at the cost of recognizing that the iPhone has played a substantial role in art overtime. Or to be specific, photographic art taken with smartphones. I don't see why you feel the need to try and trivialize St. Louis, or try to take away from this outfit. Just because they mentioned a figure that you personally dislike apparently. That's really unnecessary. That aside, i'm not going to live. I am both unsurprised and kind of amazed you extrapolated this into a conspiracy theory about PR for Apple.

14. Charlie2k

Posts: 151; Member since: Jan 11, 2016

Okey, i'll give you one chance to prove me wrong. That this is not just for publicity for the exhibition and that the press not only mention it just to give Apple PR. In what way did Steve Jobs deserve to get that award? And be specific in what Jobs actually did, more than being a front figure for a global company with thousands of engineers. Because that's not enough reason for me.

15. TerryTerius unregistered

For one, that is literally impossible to disprove. You act as if I have access to apple's marketing department records and can tell you where they spent their money. And I have no idea what their criteria are and by what merits they are putting him into their museum. In other words, you are asking me to pinpoint something that is information I simply don't have. The best I can do is provide theories, which is the best all of us in this thread can do. All I'm saying is, it's ridiculous to believe that literally all good press Apple gets has to be the result of some conspiracy theory. Either a company trying to get into Apple's good graces or journalists being paid off. The basic premise of this assumption is that it is literally impossible for anyone to have a positive opinion on Apple or Steve Jobs. To me, I don't see how anyone could view that as being the most rational explanation.

17. Charlie2k

Posts: 151; Member since: Jan 11, 2016

Okey... let's look at the facts we have. 1. A random little foundation/museum, calling it Little since only 500 people have checked in at the museum on Facebook (, have for some reason mentioned Steve Jobs in a way that could be used for positive PR. Calling it random since nobody has ever heard of them before. 2. This random little foundation/museum have uploaded their pressreleasesite a site that use monitored #tags (like #SteveJobs). That's the only reason iPhonearena got a hold of the pressrelease and also mention what was in it. They wrote about Steve Jobs. Or do you think iPhonearena follow a random little foundation/museum's pressreleases? 3. The foundation/museum is trying desperatly to get more attention, by using Groupon and such. Mentioning Steve Jobs is kinda like using Groupon, you get attention. 4. And most important of all: They can't really motivate why he should get the award. Why didn't Steve Wozniak get it - that also started Apple? Why didn't any of the 1100 engineers Apple currently have working on the iPhone's camera? Nah.. the foundation/museum gave it to the front figure of the company because they knew they would get recognition in the press that way even though the person have not actually done anything with the product. More than being manikin for it. Their motivation is also a fictional rewrite of history.

18. TerryTerius unregistered

Yeah, your post is almost entirely unprovable speculation. Granted, any point I would make would be as well because all we can do is theorize either way. I don't see the issue with an organization talking about a coming attraction or award. There is nothing inherently malicious or underhanded about advertising. That said, I do agree with some portions of your last point. The team of engineers behind the iPhone & its camera should have been recognized. Let's just agree to disagree. This conversation is only going to go 'round in circles. Have a good day Charlie, and I wish you the best my dude.

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