The iPhone XS or the larger XS Max, which one are you ordering?

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The XS Max is the iPhone with the largest screen Apple has ever created. Granted, its 6.5" diagonal is a bit misleading compared to the 5.5" iPhone 8 Plus, as that last one is with 16:9 aspect ratio and doesn't have a notch, but still...

The XS Max has the obvious advantage of the larger screen before its smaller, XS sibling, and perhaps better stereo speaker spacing that will result in more immersive sound, but it also has some significant drawbacks. Women, in particular, have been complaining about the Max-ed out handset, as their jeans and other pockets are sewn much smaller than in men's clothing. We've no idea why is that an issue with the new 6.5" iPhone all of a sudden, as Apple's previous Plus models are exactly as big, and have found their way into many a purse or clutch, but the fact remains that the iPhone Max is quite large indeed. 

Not only that but the Max costs a Benjamin more for the basic version, and rockets all the way to $1449 for the 512-gigger which will be a favorite of golddiggers, and it rhymes. This is why we wanted to ask you if you are ordering the real status-bearer of 2018, Apple's iPhone XS Max or you are satisfied with its top-notch but way more compact contender the XS. Pre-orders start today, in case you have forgotten.

The iPhone XS or the larger XS Max, which one are you ordering?

The iPhone XS
The iPhone XS Max

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