iPhone 5 benchmarks reveal outstanding JavaScript performance

iPhone 5 benchmark
That the iPhone 5 is faster than its predecessors is certainly true, given the fact that it has been equipped with a brand new Apple A6 SoC and 1GB of RAM. With its help, Apple claims that its new smartphone has twice the performance of the iPhone 4S. But in case you need a more solid evidence before buying into Apple's words, here is a benchmark score measuring the iPhone 5 JavaScript performance. Turns out that the iPhone 5 handles JavaScript not only better than the 4S, but also better than any other smartphone that has been tested using the SunSpider benchmark. Note that the impressive result was not only thanks to the smartphone's speedy A6 chip as iOS 6 plays an important role with its zippier JavaScript engine. 

What does all that mean? Well, some users might notice a performance boost when browsing the web thanks to the newer software and powerful hardware. Casual users might find the experience as smooth as it was with the iPhone 4S, since the predecessor delivers seamless web browsing performance as well. Chances are that we'll know for sure sooner than later, the moment we get our hands on an iPhone 5 and give it the review treatment. 

source: AnandTech
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