iPhone 3G has a fatal hardware issue

iPhone 3G has a fatal hardware issue
Like it or not, America’s iPhone users will have to get rid of their devices. In a tragic press-release, Apple has informed that their highly popular iPhone 3G suffers from a fatal hardware issue, which would cause all iPhone 3Gs on the territory of North America to become uncontrollable.

However, this is not the whole story. Our inside source has told us what the real situation is. It seems that the iPhone’s supreme integration between hardware and software has allowed it to develop a “smart” artificial intelligence. According to the source, this should be considered a “fatal issue”, because it is said that certain units have already shown the first signs of intellect. Their users define them simply as “uncontrollable” and “aggressive”. The only measure which is known to deal with the dangerous device is turning it off. You can’t be sure exactly when your own smartphone might turn against you, so what we recommend is that you just turn your iPhone off for today, and hope that when it comes back on, it won’t think it is a Terminator…

source: April 1

Well, just in case someone has actually believed this story – today is April 1, you know… jokes and stuff.

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